If you’ve been looking to replace or upgrade your outdoor doors, you might feel overwhelmed by the number of options on the market. One that you may not have previously considered, but heard a lot about, are aluminium concertina doors. Wondering what all the fuss is about? Here’s everything you should know about aluminium concertina doors!

Suitable for Both Businesses and Homes

Aluminium concertina doors are unique in that they suit the needs of both homes and business. When used at a commercial property, aluminium concertina doors act as a security door, being easy to extend when you lock up at the end of the day. Sturdy yet sleek, aluminium concertina doors provide the security that your business needs without looking bulky or unappealing.

Aluminium concertina doors can also be adapted to suit private homes, being a gorgeous way to link your indoor and outdoor entertaining areas. When closed, aluminium concertina doors still allow natural light to flood into your home, creating a more liveable home environment. Opening the doors is effortless, done through one single operating door. When you have opened and folded the doors away, you invite the outdoors into your home, allowing fresh air to breeze through your home. You will also be able to enjoy an uninterrupted view of the outdoors, which is certainly pleasant as a mental escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Finally, aluminium concertina doors effectively blend your indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing play, entertainment and leisure to spill over into your backyard. Your guests can grab a drink from the kitchen and then mingle by the BBQ, all in one easy movement!

Smooth Operation

As some of the leading products in the door industry, aluminium concertina doors provide effortlessly smooth operation. If your current sliding door is such a hassle to open that you don’t even bother to open it at all, an aluminium concertina door is sure to be a welcome upgrade!

Weather Proof

As aluminium concertina doors are usually used as an external door, they need to be water proof and provide wind protection. When you buy your aluminium concertina door from a reputable supplier, you can be sure it has been designed to withstand the elements and is therefore a long-term investment in your home.


Due to their very nature, aluminium concertina doors allow for a flexibility in design. Aluminium concertina doors can be designed to be curved to a radius opening or fitted to wide openings without the need for motorization. In this way, aluminium concertina doors allow for customization and flexibility unlike any other external door.

Minimal Hardware

Aluminium concertina doors usually don’t require elements such as mullions, floor tracks or bulkheads. This allows for a streamlined design and easy operation, making aluminium concertina doors a smart and family-friendly option for homeowners wanting to improve the liveability of their property.


While being sleek and lightweight, aluminium concertina doors don’t skimp on security. Aluminium is a sturdy material, often used to create security doors. This means you can rely on your aluminium concertina door to effectively protect your business or home, all around the clock! Aluminium concertina doors can also be designed to be bushfire proof, adding an extra layer of protection to your home.

Don’t limit yourself to a standard sliding door – explore the benefits offered by aluminium concertina doors instead! Sleek and easy to operate, aluminium concertina doors open up the interior of your home to the outdoors, creating a sense of integration and allowing for the appreciation of nature. Whether for your home, garden, business, terrace, patio or balcony, aluminium concertina doors are an option well worth considering.

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