Everything You Need To Know About Lil Goodie

Lil Goodie is an American rapper that is based out of Baltimore, Maryland. He graduated from college which makes him an educated rapper. He does not sound like your typical Baltimore rapper because he “does not claim a city” he just makes music that’s enjoyable.

He started his music career 3 years ago just for fun with his friends at college. He made a song that his school liked but he thought of it as a joke. When he was compared to having the Weeknd’s style, but he wanted his own lane. He then released a song on SoundCloud called “Wanted” which grew bigger in school.

This song was played at parties and events. Although, Lil goodie did not take music seriously and was focusing on Track and Field and Finance. Lil Goodie described the growth from 2 years ago as a good learning experience. He was trying to find his sound and he wanted to be different.

Lil Goodie was born in Nigeria and he loves Nigerian music. He said, “the music just wants to make you want to dance”. That is when it clicked to him to make music that is modern but what people can dance to and enjoy themselves too.

His first single release on all digital service providers was “Pull Up Hop Out” which had a New York drill flow but was very easy to listen to. He describes his music as not overly aggressive. He said “Sometimes rappers want to be overly aggressive to show this side of them that most people can’t relate to. I try to make music so everyone can enjoy and try to dance. The beats that I choose makes you want to dance.” Lil Goodie considers himself a dancehall drill artist which is not a common niche to be in.


Lil Goodie is a part of a music team named N.E.O.N (Never Echo Others Negativity). Once he joined this group that is when he started to take steps into being serious with music. He is very dedicated to making music even with working 35 hours a week. He finds time to record music. Lil Goodie is a new artist but has so much to offer to anyone who enjoys music in general. Lil Goodie also said “without Deige (Main leader of N.E.O.N) pushing me to make more music, I probably would’ve kept rapping as a hobby. Lil Goodie has started to generate some fans that are loving his style because it is different.

Lil Goodie is going to be releasing music the first week of April and will be consistently releasing music monthly. He said his next couple of releases the dancehall drill will start to show.

Instagram link: https://www.instagram.com/lilgoodiee/




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