Are you planning on signing up for the ACT firefighter? Then you need to prepare for the ACT fire brigade aptitude test. The test is the second stage of the recruitment process. And it is considered one of the most challenging parts of the recruitment process.

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Many candidates go in year after year with little or no insight into what the test entails. As expected the outcome has always been woeful. However, you don’t have to go through all those hurdles. At the end of this guide, readers will know all there is to know on the ACT fire brigade aptitude test. Before we get down to it. Why is the aptitude test essential? You can easily learn more about nt fire and rescue recruitment by checking out the site.

Why is the ACT Fire Brigade Aptitude Test Essential?

Being an ACT firefighter comes with a lot of work and dedication. There are times when people’s lives depend on how swiftly they can respond to emergencies. Apart from that, the profession is a competitive one, and candidates must always be at their best.

With the ACT fire brigade aptitude test, the capabilities of candidates will be explored and put to test. Also, the test helps to determine candidates with the required trait the profession demands. In a nutshell, the aptitude test will help those hiring identify applicants that are up to the task.

What the ACT Fire Brigade Aptitude Test Entails

The aptitude test for this is powered by Pearson TalentLens and it will be conducted online. There will also be a facial verification when you are successful with the aptitude test. In a moment, we will walk you through each session of the test.

Numeric Testing 

The aptitude session will test your ability to utilize math to solve problems. Ordinarily, mathematics is not something you can associate with firefighting. But when you think about it. The ability to process numbers real quick enhances good decision-making, which is part of the job. There will be times you have to make a hard call. And people’s lives can depend on these calls. With that said, questions in the session cut across statistics, numeric data from graphs, and other kinds of arithmetic that do not require calculation. 

Verbal Testing 

The next aptitude session will test your English. It will also determine how fast you can process information. During missions, how well and quickly you can interpret information can save lives. In their distress, some people have difficulty communicating effectively. It is paramount that you can come to aid in the best way you can.

The verbal testing session includes extracting words from long paragraphs and definitions of words. 

Spatial Testing

The aptitude test session can be linked to abstract testing. The fact is a lot of people mix the two up. Although there are quite some similarities between the two. But spatial gauge the applicant’s ability to visualize movements in shapes. Not only that, but they will also determine the form the shape will take after it has been folded and rotated for some time.

It’s safe to say, the test session is one of the best parts of the aptitude test. 

Abstract Testing 

Here, the applicant’s ability to determine the relationship and patterns between shapes and objects. Candidates get to measure their lateral thinking. Abstract testing puts your ability to predict all future outcomes based on the intel you have. And that is an important aspect of fire and rescue.

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All You to Pass an Act Fire Brigade Aptitude Test

One of the main reasons why people fail the ACT Aptitude test is due to the lack of preparation.  With everything we have said, it’s quite clear that the test is competitive and challenging. Some people prefer self-preparation and others like to seek the help of a coach to enhance their chances of passing the test. Irrespective of your choice, it is crucial that you pass your test regardless and below are some pointers that could help.

Be Acquainted with Unfamiliar Words

Verbal testing is one of the aptitudes you will come across in the exercise. It is paramount that you are familiar with unfamiliar words. The aptitude test covers cognitive reasoning and psychometric testing.

Be Mentally Prepared

The tests are challenging and applicants must be mentally prepared for anything that comes their way. It’s normal to be nervous and overwhelmed by the thoughts of exams. But don’t let it get to you. Apart from that, make use 0f past questions and practice under pressure.

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