First-time Visitor in California

From the fascinating glamour of Los Angeles to breathtaking Klamath National forests, California has diverse geographical conditions. You will never feel bored of exploring new things in this beautiful state. It has a long coastline of around 840 miles covering hundreds of small and big beaches. Moreover, California is a heaven for weed lovers because recreational marijuana of all types is legal here to consume. You will get an opportunity to enjoy some exotic stuff from the marijuana dispensaries. This kind of diversity is rarely seen in any other state. If you are visiting there for the first time and planning to spend some quality time for around 15 to 20 days, a lot of options are there to explore. In this article, we are asserting some exciting things you should try in California state. 

Explore the nightlife of Los Angeles 

Never forget visiting Los Angeles because it is the heartbeat of entire California. Both the day and nightlife of this location are wonderful. However, lighting effects at night create the magic that you will never see in other cities. For a blissful experience, check the list of party clubs, sophisticated bars, and luxury dine-out options. Also, Los Angeles has some of the oldest breweries where you can enjoy the native flavors of beer and wine. Explore some exotic hitting impacts at a marijuana dispensary in Orange County, LA, and other provinces of California. If you are looking for a dose of humor, there are some renowned laughter clubs to entertain you while enjoying drinks. Those who want to experience the magic of science must visit “Infinity Mirror Rooms”. This mirror-laden museum is open for everyone to visit with free tickets. Griffith observatory is another science wonder that one must try to explore infinite universe more closely at night. 

Enjoy some weed stuff while relaxing on Santa Ana sea beach 

A marijuana lover must visit California to experience some exotic strains. Since late 2016, it is legal to consume and carry cannabis in California. Visit a recreational marijuana dispensary in Santa Ana to check different varieties in herb strains, hash, and waxes. Feel free to choose your stuff and enjoy the beach of Santa Ana. It is a mesmerizing experience to slide on your beach chair and enjoying some puffs in a rolling paper of vaporizer. You will also find some weed dispensaries where they provide luxurious space to sit and enjoy. Search online on Yelp or Glassdoor for top-rated dispensaries available in your locality. 

However, don’t get excited after seeing too many variants of marijuana in the dispensary. Thoroughly check the descriptions mentioned by a dispensary in Santa Ana on every single product. They can guide you with different kinds of stuff along with their potency level and post-consumption effects. Never cross THC quantity more than 20% if you are a first time user. 

Explore your wild side at Klamath National Forest 

If you like camping, spend a night with your buddies under a clear sky in the proximity of mother nature. Klamath National Forest is known for its rich biodiversity and multiple options for the outing. For better comfort, you can opt-out resort camping. Some vacation resorts are available online to book before you start the journey. Those who want to experience the actual wild side can join camping groups for more fun and adventure. Below is a list of activities to expect in this beautiful national forest:- 

  1. Hiking
  2. Biking 
  3. Boating 
  4. Horse Back Riding 
  5. Snow Sports 
  6. Wildlife Watching 

Unlimited fun and amusement at Disneyland Park

Nobody can forget a trip to Disneyland after visiting California because it is a kind of wonderland where fun and entertainment are available for every age group. Here we are mentioning some exciting activities specially meant for adults:- 

  1. Join the “Drink around the world” game which is only for people above 21 years. Buy a ticket to Epcot and accept the challenge to have an alcoholic drink whenever a new country in the world is showcased. It is advisable to try this with your friends in order to enjoy healthy competition. However, drink responsibly otherwise you will not be able to enjoy the rest of the pleasure. 
  2. Party freaks can enjoy the late-night party at Disney Springs. Only a few restaurants provide the service of late-night parties. Check the menus of all late night clubs before making your decision. 
  3. Live music lovers will have the option of hanging out at Dueling Piano Bar. If you don’t want to miss any moment, be there sharp at 8 PM when the music starts. There is also an option of listening to music on special demand if you are ready to pay a good amount as a tip. 

A breathtaking hot balloon ride in Napa Valley 

Experiencing a hot balloon ride is much different than flying in an airplane. You can find only a few locations in the world suitable for a hot balloon ride. Napa Valley is among the most popular destination for people who want to measure the height of the sky from new perspectives. Book your ride online with a renowned company before you head out for a ride. Also, check the weather conditions. Generally, all companies deploy their balloons right after dawn. At this time, the temperature and wind remain low. Generally, a single balloon carries 8 to 20 people according to different capacities. For a personal experience with your loved ones, there is also an option of a two-person ride. Make your day a sweet lifetime memory. 

The options like hot air balloon rides, camping are some exciting activities for fun and adventure lovers. If you are going out with the entire family, never forget to visit the fantasy world of Disneyland. California can serve some memorable moments that you cannot expect from anywhere else. Before starting your journey, make a bucket list of every activity, decide the budget and organize your trip according to the availability of time. 

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