Isolation can cause mental health issues. Health chiefs are concerned that five months of self-isolation and social distancing could have a negative impact on the physical and mental health of millions.

The Office for National Statistics reports that more than two-thirds of UK adults have felt the burden of stress since lockdown came into force on the 23rd March.

Data shows that 63% of Brits are concerned about the future, 56% are feeling anxious and 49% are bored.

The World Health Authority estimates that one in four people will suffer some form of mental health issues during their lifetime. That figure might be higher in the fallout of the pandemic.

Scientists have also linked “uncertainty stress” with a plethora of other physical health issues.

To mitigate potential health risks, health experts claim maintaining an active sex life during lockdown can help to relieve stress and anxiety.

Health Benefits of Sexual Intercourse

A groundbreaking study reported in the American Journal of Cardiology found that men that have sex at least twice a week reduce the risk of suffering heart disease.

Lovemaking improves blood flow. When men ejaculate it reduces the levels of homocysteine, a harmful chemical which clogs arteries and can trigger cardiac arrest.

A lack of activity between the sheets could also result in impotency as you get older. When you’re not having sex, your libido wanes and can impact your ability to get aroused.

Having sex increases the levels of endorphins and the hormone oxytocin. The latter offsets the effects of the stress hormone cortisol. Increased levels of cortisol are known to cause a decline in sex drive and contribute to erectile dysfunction.


A woman’s sex life can also be affected if she doesn’t have regular sex. When women take a break from the bedroom, the body takes longer to produce enough oestrogen hormones to sufficiently lubricate the vagina.

Sex is Good For Body and Brain 

Regular sexual intercourse is not only a testament to your parts downstairs, but it also keeps your upstairs ticking over nicely as well.

Studies have shown that a healthy sex life helps to keep the brain active and healthier as we get older.


Oxford and Cambridge, the UK’s leading universities, found that ageing people with an active sex life performed better on tests for fluent speech and the ability to perceive objects visually.

Orgasms are also known to give the immune system a boost. Studies show that sexual intercourse produces more immunoglobulin A which produces antibodies that help warm of foreign agents such as virus’ and bacteria.


Given the novel coronavirus is fatal to people with a weak immune system, regular sex will help you fend of Covid-19. Experts say that having sex twice a week will give your immune system 30 per cent more immunoglobulin A.


If lockdown and social distancing have ruined your sex life, there is still a way to meet people through online dating websites.

With the uncertainty around Covid-19 and the likelihood of further lockdowns in the future, dating websites could be the difference between self-isolating on your own or sex-isolating with a good mental health partner.

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