It may be early July, but its never too early to look forward to some fall fashion.

As we all crowded in front of our televisions to watch the 88th MLB All-Star Game from Miami, or sat around a backyard eating some barbeque and Corona’s, our thoughts will inevitable turn towards Labor Day, the leaves changing colors and the mercury dropping.

Leather. Yes, pigskin, cowhide or whatever trendy moniker you wish to call it is perhaps the most versatile material used in fashion. Whether it is underneath your feet in your favorite pair of over-priced designer thong sandals poolside or on the beach, over your shoulder during your daily commute through the concrete jungles of Manhattan in the form of your hip and cool messenger bag or having it wrapped your uber-thin Millennial wrist in the form of the hottest designer watch, in an effort to exert your faux-hipster swag cred.

Thanks to its ability to be used and worn in everything from bags to shoes to everyday wear right down to belts and outerwear, leather is hot even when its cool and cool even when its blazing hot.

Perhaps it’s the raw bad-boy edginess it exerts in the form of a zip jacket or the sharp and cool sophistication it gives off in the form of a blazer or button-up jacket, as to why it’s used so frequently in fashion.

Whatever reason, designer and custom brands are looking to continue taking advantage of it’s all-around flexibility in coming out with fall’s newest accessories such as travel duffle bags, satchels and backpacks.

Summer may be at it’s mid-season zenith and fall is right around the corner, but if there is one thing that will never change regardless of the season is the appeal and use of leather, as it is boundless, just like fashion itself.

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