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Fantasy Football: Five Worst Quarterback Playoff Matchups


December 5, 2016

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As the fantasy football playoffs approach, the focus shifts from a season-long game to a weekly one. After all, what good is knowing about week fifteen if you don’t make it past week fourteen? Each game becomes more important the closer you get to the finals. Here are the quarterbacks with the worst matchups weeks fourteen through sixteen, ranked based on fantasy points allowed to quarterbacks per Yahoo! standard scoring. The average rank is based on most fantasy points allowed, so the higher the rank, the better the matchup. Some of these quarterbacks you have no choice but to play (hello, Tom Brady), but if you are making a tough choice, this might help you out.

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Indianapolis Colts (Andrew Luck)
versus Houston, at Minnesota, at Oakland (average rank: 22)

Andrew Luck is carving up the Jets literally as I write this. He just passed to Dwayne Allen for his second touchdown of the day. Jon Gruden called it embarrassing. Luck and the Colts better enjoy that, since they’re going up against the #5 and #4 defenses at preventing fantasy points to quarterbacks this season. His only reprieve for his owners who escape those matchups is that week sixteen matchup against Oakland, who gives up the ninth-most fantasy points to quarterbacks.


Miami Dolphins (Ryan Tannehill)
versus Arizona, at New York Jets, at Bills (average rank: 24)

Ryan Tannehill is part of the streaming class of quarterbacks, and his streaming days are behind him. He takes on two top-ten teams against stopping the quarterback in the next three weeks, and his matchup against the Jets is not quite a cake-walk (they’ve given up the twelfth-fewest fantasy points to signal callers this year). You can safely drop Tannehill if you were questioning him in a one-quarterback league.


Green Bay Packers (Aaron Rodgers)
versus Seattle, at Chicago, versus Minnesota (average rank: 24.67)

This is rough, but there isn’t much you can do to sit the #1 quarterback in all of fantasy football. The good news is that Rodgers is defying everyone on his team dying, matchups, weather, being engaged to Olivia Munn, everything. He’s cruising along no matter who his weapons are or who is in front of him. You’ve been forewarned, but there’s nothing you can do here.


Philadelphia Eagles (Carson Wentz)
versus Washington, at Baltimore, versus New York Giants (average rank: 24.67)

If you were one of the many who snatched up Carson Wentz earlier this year when he was rolling, it’s time to get off that ride to handcuff a running back. Wentz has been bad lately and his form is devolving into disfigured GI Joe territory. Now he gets three of the better defenses against QBs, and two of the top ten against the position. If you’re in a season-long league, it’s time to jettison Wentz.


New England Patriots (Tom Brady)
versus Baltimore, at Denver, versus New York Jets (average rank: 25.67)

There isn’t much you’re going to be able to do here with Brady. He’s one of the best quarterbacks in fantasy football. However, he is hemorrhaging target options, with Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman on the shelf and Martellus Bennett banged up. Could you really live with yourself if you sat him and lost? You may have to as he takes on the best defense against QBs in the semi-finals.

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