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Fashion: Changing Your Style In 2020!

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One of the best ways to enter the new year is with a style makeover. Refreshing your look can give you a much-needed confidence boost and a reason to walk around with a bit more of a spring in your step. While many people may charge into the new year sales with confidence, some of us don’t really know where to start when it comes to switching up our wardrobe. Here are the best ways to revamp your style in 2020, even if you’re not confident in the sale racks.

A burst of color

Experimenting with color in your wardrobe doesn’t necessarily mean inviting a mad array of bold shades into your everyday outfits. If you’re a bit frightened of adding a bold burst of color, then try picking a shade that you know suits you. For instance, a bright cyan or a vibrant warm yellow might work brilliantly with your skin tone, and so you should use this to your advantage.

New glasses

The way that glasses frame your face can be the difference between you pulling off an outfit or creating a look that only feels half pulled together. Finding glasses that truly suit your face and show off your best features can be a huge boost to your confidence. Many people see their glasses as purely a functional means of being able to read text that’s more than a foot away from their face, but they should also say something about your style. You can find Juicy Couture glasses and other brands easily online, with plenty of famous brands to choose from.

Cut your vices

If your style is a bit cluttered and unimaginative, it might be down to some regular impulse buys. If you’ve spent far too long on cheap fast-fashion websites, only to buy five tops of a similar style, then it might be time to remove that tab from your browser. Instead of buying lots of the same for not much, buy something truly unique for a little bit more.

Get sewing!

If you have an old utility jacket or retro denim number that could do with a spot of updating, then consider sewing on some patches to liven it up a little. You can find these online almost anywhere, from independent marketplaces such as Etsy, or on personal business profiles on social media sites such as Instagram. If you’re feeling particularly experimental, you might even want to go to your local haberdashery store and find some extra items to stick on.

Trust your gut

If there’s an item in your wardrobe that feels outdated, or maybe even a bit tacky, then trust your instinct here. Old items that feel past it are probably best donated to the charity shop. It will take up vital space in your closet that could be replaced with something much more on-brand for your look.

Revamping your look is all about getting a little bit creative with your look and your clothing. Discovering new looks and textures that could work with your existing wardrobe will help you to create a new look that will carry you through the new year.

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