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Fashion: Find Out The Best Way To Accessorize Your Jewellery

As I start to write today about my favourite colour and Jewellery item, I can’t help but notice how this Jewellery item had transformed itself in various forms. Yes, the item of my topic is Black beads Chain. Black beads are often considered to bring nuptial bliss; it is also believed that black beads are blessed with divine powers to protect the married couple. They are often used as the mangalsutras in Northern India, but towards the Southern India they are worn as an add-on to the gold mangalsutra.

Over the years black bead chains have seen a multi fold design transformation in terms of size, style, variations, weight, designs and models. However, its elemental beauty stayed still like sky till date.

How Black Beads are apt

Black beads have been a part of Indian tradition since ages. They come in a host of shapes and sizes, they are ideally worn by married woman only, and they come in varying lengths and weights too. Black beads have always been vogue despite changing times, woman have always accessorized them with their basic gold chain. Black beads go well with every attire namely western, traditional and fusion too.

A perfect blend of Black beads and gold often lash out grace and charm. Black bead chains often have a sentiment and motional connect attached to them. They are a priceless gifting option preferred by a lot of woman. Black bead chains are also considered auspicious to wear.

Trends in Black bead chains


There has been a lot of Jewellery design innovation on practically every item worn by a woman. The innovation string bit the Black beads too, unlike its predecessor’s modern black bead chains are a culmination of traditional black beads with stones- either CZs or diamonds or other gemstones. Beating the conventional black bead chains, they now come in latest necklace designs having a cluster of petite black bead chains held in hollow golden orbs, decked in red corals with dangling south sea pearls.

A light weight, minimalistic black bead necklace from The House of Vaibhav Jewellers

Latest design trends have evolved and Karigars have experimented black beads with Light weight minimalistic designs, with Antique workmanship, with gemstones and diamonds too. The design intellect of the Karigars has reached new dimensions with growing customer preferences. Black bead necklaces are now reinvented in various forms by adding them with other workmanship. Example: The below black bead necklace is a classic example of modern design aesthetics in traditional settings brought straight from Vaibhav Jewellers Vizag.

Black Bead Divinity – A limited edition piece from The House of Vaibhav Jewellers

Growing Trends in Black bead Mangalsutras


Plain Black bead mangalsutras have been often simple with one or two long strings of black beads alternated with gold beads, but what is different is that it is now beautified with a central locket made in diamonds, stones like Emeralds and Rubies or Corals etc.

Apart from Black Bead chains, black bead bracelets, bangles, short necklaces, earrings are also trending. You can now match long length Black bead mangalsutra with earrings and bangles and make a complete set. Now bring home your complete black bead set from Vaibhav Jewellers. Apart from their presence offline and online, their designs, their customer centric approach and their video shopping makes them one of the best Jeweller to shop with.

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