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Rejuvenate amidst the Himalayas – Delhi to Manali road trip

The refresh button for human beings is an elusive one. Is it a night out at the club or a book and a warm beverage? Maybe it is an invigorating trip into the mountains, where life is uncluttered, and the simple joys find the spotlight. Add to it some mesmerizing scenery. Delhiites can consider themselves lucky as the city is well connected to the major hill stations of Himachal Pradesh.
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Fashion: Find Out The Best Way To Accessorize Your Jewellery

As I start to write today about my favourite colour and Jewellery item, I can’t help but notice how this Jewellery item had transformed itself in various forms. Yes, the item of my topic is Black beads Chain. Black beads are often considered to bring nuptial bliss; it is also believed that black beads are blessed with divine powers to protect the married couple. They are often used as the
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Fashion: Top 10 Latest Bangles Designs

Bangles are the best complementing piece of jewellery you can wear with your dress. They go best with every type of dress on any occasion. They are available in a huge variety with different designs and materials. In bangles designs gold, latest designs are available in large variety on the internet. Some of them are as follows: 1. Pure gold bangles: Gold is always synchronized as the symbol of purity.