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Fashion: How To Choose The Perfect Blazer For Women!

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Getting an ideal blazer is a real challenge. It should be perfect if there is even a small part which doesn’t suit your body; it will look bad. You will need the right fit blazer for which you should visit Sumissura because they have the best blazers available in all sizes (small size to plus size blazers ), lots of colors and a lot of shapes. Sometimes when you buy jackets and blazers, they don’t fit you as well as they should, and in this case, your best option is to get it tailored.

However, the best way to save yourself from tailoring cost is that you make sure about its specifications before you buy a blazer. We have some tips for ladies who want to purchase perfect blazers.
Womens Blazer

Blazers provide a smooth finish to your look, with the diversity of its styles, color, and cuts. But for getting the right blazer, you must know the types of blazers. Some examples of plus size blazer for women are:

  1. Cotton stretch blazer: this is the standard blazer which makes any outfit classy. You can wear it with jeans and a t-shirt to create a chic look. The stretching ability of this blazer makes it a good fit and comfortable. This blazer is available in 5 different colors and various sizes (from small to plus size).
  2. Open front blazer: these blazers don’t have buttons for enclosing the blazer. They have a draped look and look amazing on women with large busts and women who are plus sized. These blazers are available in neutral colors and all sizes.
  3. Belted blazers: belted blazers too don’t have buttons, but the difference between these blazers and open front blazer is that they have belts. Their belt can create a look of peplum or straight silhouette, which makes a person look as if they have a more defined waist. These blazers are a good option for women who have an hourglass figure and rectangle figure women because it gives their body a good shape.
  4. Single breasted blazer: these blazers have a single row of buttons to close the blazer. They are internationally known to be flattering as long as they are well tailored and well fitted. Single breasted blazers can be worn with wide leg pants as they provide defined shape to your body.
  5. Double breasted blazers: these blazers have a double row of buttons allowing you to cross the flap of one side towards the other side. These are a bit fancier and hard wear you don’t wear them casually, they are for more formal gatherings.

Now, here are six things which you should keep in mind before buying a blazer:

  1. The blazer’s bust: the bust is the most challenging area to fit blazer. The perfect fit depends on both; the size of your blazer and the size of your bust. You can either have a completely tight blazer, or you can get a blazer which is loose from the bust area. But, the standard is that your blazer shouldn’t appear too tight when you have buttoned it close. Similarly, the blazer shouldn’t be loose either. It should be in perfect symmetry.
  2. The blazer lapels: most of us don’t give much thought to the lapels but, the fit and style of the lapel are crucial to getting an overall proper look. If your lapel is big, then it will create more bulk on the top, and you won’t look that smart and vice-versa. If you are more petite, then you will be able to wear larger lapel sides without them bulking. But if you are getting plus sized clothes, you should make sure that the lapels are not big.
  3. The blazer’s length: there is a wide variety of lengths in which blazers are made. The length of a standard blazer is around your hipbone. The standard has hipbone length because it looks flattering on most figures. However, the length of a blazer depends on your liking and preference, the look you want to achieve, fashion trends, and the shape of your body. There are three length types in blazers; hip bone length cropped length and extra-long length.
  4. The blazer’s shoulders: your blazer should never be tight from around your shoulders that you can’t even move your arms freely and comfortably. Even though the blazer should be well fitted, but your shoulders shouldn’t be too loose or too tight, you can also try shoulder pads because they maintain the fit and shape of the shoulders.
  5. The blazer’s sleeves: the sleeves are an essential part of blazers. Generally, the sleeve ends at the wrist bone of your hand, but there are some cases like preference, style, and fashion that can change the length of the sleeve. However, a very short sleeve or a very long sleeve looks highly unattractive you should measure the sleeves before buying the blazer. Whatever you buy; it should look good on you.

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