Have you just bought a hair wig? Are you new to hair extensions? If so, then this article is just for you. This article has a list of mistakes to avoid while using extensions for hair.


Not Brushing Your Hair Before Clipping In The Extensions

The main reason you want your natural hair to be brushed and detangled before applying extensions is that when there are knots and tangles in your hair, there is a possibility that the extensions will be pulled out.

The clips of the clip-ins are very bulky, and they might rip your knots apart. It can cause bald spots to appear in your natural hair if it is not appropriately brushed before applying them to your head.


Not Using Enough Clips

The increase in hair fall rates worldwide is a significant factor likely to influence the market growth of hair wigs.

Extensions for hair come with a set of clips. Clips are used to secure the extensions at their respective placements on your head, i.e., from front to back and from ear to ear.

If you’re using 20-30 grams of clip-ins, then only 2-3 clips should be used for each section of your hair. So, if you are using 8-clips of extensions, then four clips should be used on the front of your head and another four on the back, keeping in mind that one clip is enough to secure every 20 grams.


Not Using The Right Size Of Clips

Hair extensions come with different-sized clips depending on the weight of the hair. For example, 20 grams comes with large clips, and 30-grams comes with extra-large clips.

The clips should be chosen according to your requirement; you can use larger ones if you want a voluminous look or the normal-sized ones if you want the extensions to blend in naturally.


Overusing the Clips

It is essential to know that an average person needs 6-clips of extensions for a complete look.

If you have very dense or thick hair, you can use 8-clips but not more than that. Using too many clips will give you a tacky and unnatural look; hence it should be avoided at all costs.


Applying Extensions Improperly

Always comb your hair properly before using the clip-ins and use a rat tail comb. It will give you more grip while detangling your tresses.

After that, apply some heat protectant spray to help keep the bonds intact for more extended periods.

To help further with installing extensions, always use a heat tool to tighten bonds before clipping in. Blow drying it for a few minutes is recommended when you have thin hair so that the clip-ins sit nicely on your head and don’t budge or slide down.


Not Using A Wet Brush

Hair extensions are usually made of 100 percent human hair, which tangles just like your natural tresses. These extensions are costly, and to maintain their quality. You have to use a wet brush or spray water on them whenever they start knitting themselves together.

It will save you the hassles of combing it out every time before washing them; else, washing them with a dry brush can cause them to become very unmanageable.


Not Washing Your Hair Before Sleeping

It is essential to wash your hair with conditioner and not shampoo if you have extensions because the comb is quite bulky. It might just rip apart the bonds of your extensions if you try detangling them when they are dry.

Also, you have to wash your hair every night, whether you have extensions on or not, because all of the oils and product build-up must be washed off daily for healthy hair.


Final Words

Hair extensions are an excellent option to get the look you’ve always wanted, but applying them in their correct manner is very important.

If you don’t do it right, your extensions will start giving you problems after a specific period. However, using them is easy if you know how to maintain them.



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