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Fashion: Prom Dresses That Suit Your Body Type


Prom is a special rite of passage that many young men and women get to experience. It is a once in a lifetime event that people look back on for many years. You will want to do your best to ensure that it is a night that you will soon not forget. While young men are looking for corsages, young women are searching for the perfect prom dress.

Extensive Variety of Dresses to Choose From

When it comes to prom dresses, there are a million and one different options to choose from. It can feel overwhelming at first, but once you determine what kind of dress that you want the process will not be as stressful. The best way to narrow down your options is to dress for your body type. Women with a larger frame should dress to accentuate their curves while smaller framed women might want to highlight other features.

Ankle Length Dresses

Long prom dresses are the most common and popular type of prom dress. While thigh length shorter prom dresses are available, most young women prefer the flow of a long dress. The ball gown style is the most popular. However, this style can also be the most expensive. Your budget is an important factor when choosing a prom dress.

Most Popular Types of Prom Dresses

● Mermaid

This style prom dress is tighter around the hips and begins to fan out at the bottom of the dress. It is great for women who want to show off their hips. These are long dresses that are ankle length.

● Lace

These dresses are a classic choice that provides a stylish look that is hard to beat. Lace dresses can come in a variety of body styles and colors. You should have no problem finding a lace dress that compliments your body and preferences.

● Open Back

These dresses are exactly what they sound like. This style of dress shows off the back area. Some open back dresses go halfway down the back while others can dip as low as the small of the back.

● A Line

The A line dress is a classic dress that looks good on just about everyone. Women with wider hips can count on the A line dress to make them look more petite. This is a great type of dress for small and larger women alike.

● Short

The length of short dresses for prom is usually right above the knee. These dresses are a good option for slender women or those who are wanting to show off their legs.

These are not your only options when it comes to dresses to wear to prom. There are formal and ball gowns just to name a few. Each dress is unique is how it can show off your body. The most important thing to remember when picking out a dress to wear to prom is comfort. You want to be able to move and dance freely in your dress. The other most important factor to remember is your budget.

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