Bangles are the best complementing piece of jewellery you can wear with your dress. They go best with every type of dress on any occasion. They are available in a huge variety with different designs and materials. In bangles designs gold, latest designs are available in large variety on the internet. Some of them are as follows:

1. Pure gold bangles: Gold is always synchronized as the symbol of purity. Its shine makes it unique in itself. Pure gold bangles best with traditional dresses and can be used for daily wear. They are best for gifting purpose too.

2. Gold bangles with diamonds: diamonds are ladies best friend. Their beauty lies in the shine and cut they form unique designs of gold bangles shaped with diamonds make them a beautiful ornament to go with your dress.

3. Bracelet shaped bangles: These are shaped into bracelets and goes best with office and formal wears. They are best for working women and gives great grace.

4. Watch embedded bangles: A combination of a watch in a bangle is the best design to be worn with your party wear as well as your formal dress. It looks extremely graceful on today’ women who know the value of time.

5. Snake-shaped bangles: These are in the shape of a snake. They look extremely beautiful with all types of dresses especially with ethnic wear. Because of their unique and fancy design, it becomes a point of attraction.

6. Floral bangles: Flowers embedded bangles are in trend and are best for daily as well as for functional use. They look elegant with flowers embedded on the gold bangle.

7. Gold bangles with pearl: Pearls are the most beautiful and classic piece of jewellery and with gold, they look fantastic. It makes you look more classy and stylish and goes well with each type of dress and yes, pearls never get out of trend and look extremely beautiful on all age group of women.

8. Thin bangles designs: Sleek and thin bangles designs are in great demand. They suit well to today’s women and goes well with jeans as well as suits. They can be wore single or with a set of 4 to 12 bangles. They are easily carried and women don’t find them difficult to wear them daily.

9. Single heavy bangles: It is a single piece of worn thick bangle usually embedded with some stones or diamonds. They are best for occasions like marriages, ceremonies, Puja’s family functions etc.

10. Gold cuffs: They are unique designs in a combination of bangles as well as bracelet. They could be thin or thick according to the choice and preference. They can be worn both with western as well as traditional dresses.

They are also the best gift material accessory. Bangles in today’s time are being designed in many beautiful and creative designs and go best with latest daily wear gold earrings designs. They add to the beauty of the bride and the elegance of the women.

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