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Fashion Trends from the ’60s and ’70s Coming Back

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We live in a world where the old fashion accessories and wears often make a comeback to adorn the modern lifestyle. The footwear, eyewear, shawls, cravats, ties, watches, and many other fashion accessories of the ’60 and ‘70s are resurfacing to complement our outfit post-millennium.

The Fashion Trend of the ‘60s and ‘70s

The 1960s and 70s were a period marked by so many mismatched patterns and a breakaway from traditions and norms in the fashion trend and glamor.

These were periods people were given to highlighter dressing and men allowed long hair to grow on their head. They also wore a flared, cigarette, and wide-legged pair of jeans and trousers. The popular hats were out-styled and the afro bandanna was then in vogue. The low haircuts were replaced by full-grown beards and these trends became popular among young men.

The women’s fashion world was no different. It came up with incredible innovations and inventions, including the bell-bottoms, pillbox, hippie movement, bikini, and mini-skirt. This period was also marked by women wearing false eyelashes. All of this peaked with the ‘disco look’ that people wore at that time.

Top ‘60 and ‘70s Fashion Styles That Make a Bold Comeback

Valentino Glasses

If glasses should be comfy and fashionable, then Valentino eyewear offers more than comfort and fashion. They are a collection of amazing pairs of glasses that preserve timeless fashion design while blending it with modern designs and heritage.

Retaining the bright red velvets cases and V logo for which Valentino brand is known, VA2038 and VA4074, two of the models of Valentino sunglasses, boast iconic minuscule circular knobs. They’re metal-made. Recently Valentino’s Resort 2020 eyewear release got huge appreciation from eyewear fans and the market demand for these collections surpassed the forecast.

Soren Knit Pants

The Soren Knit Pants remind us of the bell-bottoms that trended for more than two decades in the ‘70s. Made of stretchy knit material, the Soren Knit Pants offer amazing comfort that makes your day memorable.

Jean Jackets on Airstrip

No fashion enthusiast will quickly forget those days when women put on chinos and jean coats on an airstrip. And this trend made a lot of sales pitch for dressmakers and fashion designers. The manner this fashion style is making a return with the exclusive utility miniskirts would wow a lot of red carpet lovers and fashion models.

Bra Tops

If you think Bra tops were made for the ‘60s and ‘70s, you may have just hit the wrong button. This is because this neon-green style is crazily cherished on Instagram by fashion enthusiasts. This model version showed off in 2019 and was all over the place at the 2019 London Fashion Week. It is truly an invention with incredible retro expression.

Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator sandals have come off the list of the top retro fashion styles that are making a great wave on different fashion sites and mags. Now, if the clogs are missing on ladies, you won’t be denied of the great comeback of their most cherished gladiator sandals which rocked the industry in the ‘60s and ‘70s. The 2019 New York Fashion Week was littered with the different models of the gladiator sandals. Whether you want them up to your kneecap or simply a little above the shin, these pre-laced models make modernism grand.

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