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Fashion: Ways To Make Your Heels Work For You

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By Zyana Morris

If you’ve got nothing but love for high heels, no need to get worried about the pain they give you while wearing them the whole day.

Just know if the heels you wear are giving you pain, those are certainly not the right ones. High heels might not ever be as comfy as sneakers or flats as heels, and pain-free feet aren’t mutually exclusive. However, a proper fit and choosing the right ones can help you avoid grin-and-bear-it attitude.

Without paying the price of comfort, some tips can keep you up with high heels at least giving less pain and still keeping you trendy and stylish.

heelsChoosing the right size – never wear too small or too large ones

If you love wearing heels and can pay for the comfort prize, always keep in mind to choose the correct size when out for shoe shopping. Even if the heels look amazing and are the ones you can pay any price for, if it doesn’t fit your feet just ditch them and find some other one. When you buy heels to make sure you try and walk enough in it at home and in the shop, so much that you forget you are even wearing it.

Thick sole matters and so does the heel thickness

Heels like stilettos can make you wobble when you walk, and no matter how well you dress up, it would totally distress your image. As you have to spend much of the hours at your work, having some platform like padding or a little wider heel can be a comforting option.

Stilettos, look classy but can make you wobble and of course that can turn down your impression. You won’t even want to imagine wearing a maxi dress with cool accessories for your perfect date, and that heel of yours doesn’t even let you walk properly and thinking of having a ball out on the dance floor seems completely out of the equation. They come last, but they certainly are first and foremost for any outing that you want to be comforted in.

So, even though heels are something girls would never want to give up on but avoiding them especially when you are out to work can be a convenient option.

But who would want to give up on them anyway? You can then go for a chunkier style and change it a bit.

Still, don’t want to give up? No worries – foot pads can help you

Foot pads are something you can use as they provide comfort and combat soreness under the ball of the foot. The ball of foot cushions will also provide great comfort to your feet and minimize the pressure your feet had to bear all day long. The best part of the foot pad is it will keep your toes protected from blisters.

Try the ones with more coverage on top

If you don’t wish to bother your feet much, or you are prone to blisters, sores and swelling, shoes that have more coverage on top can be the ones you can spend your whole day with. Boots with high heel could then work for you being a better and comfy choice.

Quick tip and trick: The slope of the shoe is of much concern. The less straightened up it is, the better it would be to walk conveniently.

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