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Becoming A Wakeboarding Genius
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Felix Georgii’s Path To Becoming A Wakeboarding Genius

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Originating in 1985 after Tony Finn developed a surfer that combined a water ski and surfboard, wakeboarding is a reasonably recent sport. It was referred to as Skiboarding up until the 1990s, after which wakeboarding became the sport’s official name. Like in any sport, wakeboarding has its set of geniuses that push the sport’s boundaries and innovate it in unimaginable ways. One such magician in wakeboarding is Felix Georgii, the current leader of Team Redbull in wakeboarding.

A 6-year-Old Snowboarder

Felix Georgii, in an interview with Waketoolz, recalled what led him to start wakeboarding. He mentioned how he started snowboarding at a tender age of 6 and was drawn to wakeboarding almost five years later, at the age of 12, when he got his first wakeboarding equipment like Jetpilot. Although indulged in skateboarding before discovering the invigorating sport that is wakeboarding, he prefers wakeboarding as, according to him, he can perform the same tricks as he would with a snowboard only now in summers as well.

When asked about the kind of music he listens to for motivation, he replied by saying it depends on the mood and the tricks he wants to do, but hip hop, rock, and reggae are at the top of his list. Alongside the music played while he carries out these amazing tricks, Felix also recalled the support and motivation his friends, Nico, Steffen, Lukas Joas, and Dom Hernler, provided for him.

In the future, while collaborating with Redbull, Felix wants to create more videos and films with his pro model ‘Butterstick’ as well as carry out outreach programs to help kids wakeboard. 

Innovating the sport like never before

In every sport, there are always some athletes who make history and are remembered for it. In football, there is Messi and Ronaldo, in Basketball, there is Michael Jordan, and similarly, in wakeboarding, Felix Georgii is the revolutionary athlete. Not conforming to the traditional wakeboarding tricks and methods, Felix chooses to innovate and do things that are never done before.

One such innovation was the Wake Crane project carried out by Dominik Guhrs, Felix Georgii, and Dominik Hernler. The dynamic trio designed, built, and then rode an entire course built in Pula, Croatia, at Ujanik Pula Wharf. First time in the history of wakeboarding, these three wizards were dragged from a floating crane, which was fixed to a platform rather than a cable. The shipping proponents were then converted into a circular obstacle course. One part of the course that all three wakeboarders struggled with was the flying obstacle, which has never been seen before in the world of wakeboarding. At the end of the day, however, the professional wakeboarders were able to master it and have their fun and games with it. 

Apart from the wake crane project, Felix Georgii is always creating new edits and trying out tricks that have never been performed before in the history of wakeboarding. For instance, one of his recent achievements was performing the world’s first-ever wakeboarding tire jump. Felix Georgii, in his latest video, performed an array of tricks that have left viewers in shock and awe. One of the tricks he performed was jumping through a truck tire hanging 3 meters in the air. Apart from that, he also jumped over a golf buggy halted at the side of the water and skidded across a motorboat, which was unmanned but moving across the surface of the water. The video itself is nothing short of one of the most influential feats in the history of wakeboarding, and Felix Georgii is at the center of it. 

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