It seems that when it comes to fitness there’s always something new and something better consistently coming around to boost your workout routine or make your routine more effective.

There are a few different components to a workout routine: pre workout, working out, and post workout.

Many people are starting to add CBD to their routine in a variety of ways, and a large number of people have been talking about CBD wellness gummies by CBDfx. They have so many wellness CBD gummy options making it that much easier…we’ll dig a little deeper into why people like this option for a specific part of their workout routine a little later, but first let’s talk about getting ready for your workout.


When you think about “pre-workout”, your mind might go straight to those powder mixes that you drink for a specific benefit. These benefits range from increased energy, amino acids, exercise performance, muscle recovery and more, but take in to consideration that some people experience negative side effects of the caffeine such as jittery feelings, insomnia, dehydration, prickly or tingling sensations of skin, high blood pressure and even headaches. CBD can replace your pre workout because it is a vasorelaxant which allows your arteries and veins to relax more so the blood can flow and pump more easily.

Another helpful component of pre-workout with CBD is dialing back those pre workout jitters. If you workout in the comfort of your own home you might not deal with this, but if you work out in a warehouse type building with a thousand other folks you might feel like all those eyes are on you (even though they probably aren’t).

You could start with CBD gummy for a low dose of CBD just to get the blood pumping and iron out those nerves. You could also find a CBD shot mixed with amino acids for a boost of energy before you workout. Amino acids are a great way to get those muscle building proteins ready for an intense workout.

Work It Out

You’re working out, the blood is pumping, and you’re feeling good…until you squat 15 pounds more than you’re accustomed to. Now you’re limping in place trying to figure out if you should abandon your workout and try again tomorrow. You don’t have to abandon your workout with CBD. You have a couple of options here with the first being CBD water. It’s so easy to sip as you move and work to prevent any strains you might encounter along the way. If you can’t find CBD water, or even want to combine both options, you can keep a CBD vape pen in your gym bag for emergencies. A few pulls from your CBD vape pen will provide almost immediate relief to the problem area and have you feeling like you’re ready to pick up where you left off.


Undoubtedly, this is the most popular way to incorporate CBD into your workout routine, but for valid reasons. Whether you’re new to working out or challenging yourself with an improved routine, the possibilities are endless with CBD integrated into your post workout routine. If your body is feeling overworked and sore after working out you could use a CBD topical to alleviate the pain with prompt relief. You could use a muscle recovery balm, lotion, creme, or even a patch for those deep seated pain areas. Another option would be to take a hot bath with CBD bath salts. This option would loosen your whole body and reset your muscles for the next day. Did you also know that CBD is also an anti-catabolic which regulates how much cortisol is released into your body? Cortisol is a catabolic hormone that can ultimately reduce the effectiveness of your workout by blocking important muscle building proteins. Low levels of cortisol can assist with muscle regeneration which is key to post workout recovery.


CBD can be incorporated into any workout at any phase…it’s up to you! You just need to figure out what your greatest need is during your workouts. Do you need more focus, more energy, pain relief, ease jitters? Try to hone into your personal needs so you can find the CBD products specifically for your body. Finding products isn’t hard with thousands of companies popping up daily, but not all companies put forth extreme efforts to provide the highest quality products and the most affordable prices. Make sure you find a company that is transparent with their lab testing (certificate of analysis). If you can’t find lab testing in some way, you might want to skip that product/company. So, take your time and do your homework in finding the best company for you, and when you hit the gym with your CBD you’ll experience a workout you never knew you could have!

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