Summer is full of outdoor activities and easy ways to get your workout routine done. You can swim, go on a run, or do yoga outdoors. But when winter comes, those options may not be on the table. Although workout routines are different during the colder months, you can still be just as effective.

A switch in temperature only needs a switch in your routine. The drop in temperature and possible new hurdles like snow presents a challenge that you can overcome.


Consider New Activities

Winter has a range of sports, exercises, and activities that you can enjoy while getting a workout in. A gym is an easy option since you will be in a temperature-controlled environment; you can continue using it if you have a gym membership. Running is another all-weather option, as long as you dress appropriately for it.

Even when it’s cold, the outdoors offers options for a good workout. Winter sports and activities include skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, or simply playing in the snow. If you want something with a slower pace, you can try snowshoeing or walking through the snow. Snowshoeing can strengthen your legs as you trudge through the snow and get your heart pumping.

Getting into a new activity isn’t always easy, and most people don’t like to leave their homes in the winter. But it would be best if you still exercised, or you’ll lose all that progress from the summer. The best way to make yourself commit is to sign up for classes. That way, you are held accountable and have to show up for the activity.


Prepare with the Right Clothing

Going outside in the summer is simple, you put on something light and go out. Working out in the winter takes a little more thought, especially if you intend to be outside. Something that you will have to contend with is what you wear and how that will affect your body temperature. Naturally, you want to go outside wearing warm clothes, but as you exercise, your body temperature starts to rise, and that will affect your comfort.

For outside workouts, like running, layer your clothes. Start with what you are comfortable running in, then add layers to it. That way, you avoid getting too cold as you step out, then you can remove each layer as you get hot. You can tie the unneeded layers around your waist or drop them in a safe place like your car.

Once you stop running, you will have to contend with a body that is cooling down and potentially exposed to the cold environment. Considering the sweat you worked up, it presents a problem if you are wet in the cold. That’s why you should take an extra dry change of clothes with you to use after the exercise.


Keep Your Body Fueled

Due to the lower temperatures, you may not feel as dehydrated as you would in the summer. Nonetheless, you still need to consume water; it is vital for your health, especially when exercising. You may drink less water, but it still needs to be enough for regular and exertive activities.

You will also need to ensure that you get enough protein, like collagen. Collagen is a natural protein in your tissue, like tendons, ligaments, muscles, and skin. It is the most abundant protein in your body. But as you age, your body produces less collagen.

Collagen supplements have many benefits, as collagen keeps joints healthy, helps prevent injuries, boosts muscle mass, and avoids bone loss for those who work out. Make sure you’re getting the right amount of vitamins as well, especially vitamin D, because you may not get as much sunlight. Consider a vitamin D gummy or collagen powder to make sure your body is operating at its highest potential.


Warm Up Indoors

Warming up is crucial for muscle health and performance. The stretches warm up your muscles and loosen them up; this can be difficult if you are out in the cold as the environment will cool down and tighten your muscles. It might be better if you do the pre-exercise and post-exercise routine indoors. That way, you can get your muscles ready for action before they are shocked by the cold.


Switch to Winter Mode

Winter doesn’t have to dampen your exercise routine. You need to get new activities that can be fun and just as rewarding. Find activities you enjoy and try out some new ones to make the most of your winter fitness routine.


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