There are many unique paths and journeys, one takes in life. Whether it is professional, personal we all arrive at the same proverbial nexus in life.

Some take us from small towns to exotic and cosmopolitan metropolises in different lands. Some journeys help introduce us to new and different cultures and languages. Such journeys like this are commonplace in the world of modeling thanks to the constant non-stop jet-setting culture that thy have to endure in traveling to and from shoots in various parts of the world.

One such model who has had such a unique journey is fitness and fashion model April Leigh Steinmetz.

Steinmetz, a native of Mount Pleasant, Texas studied in her native Texas at Texas A&M before traveling too and continuing her studies aboard in Paris, France and from there Turkey. A lover of French and Turkish culture, the 5’6 toned and athletic, blond-haired Texas beauty has modeled for many Austin-based brands and designers.

A name and face to watch in the fitness modeling world, the newly-married 31-year-old Steinmetz is certainly an individual to keep an eye on in the growing world of athleisure and fitness.

Below is my Q and A with April as we talk working out, her travels to Turkey, her love of all things French and Turkish, her two favorite football teams in her alma mater Aggies, her Turkish-based soccer club Besiktas and Turkish tea.


Name: April Leigh Steinmetz

Age: 31

Height: 5’6

Birthplace: Mount Pleasant, Texas, USA

Measurements: 32C-25-32.5

Social Media Links: Facebook: @aprilsteinmetzofficial | Instagram: @aprilsteinmetzfitness

Agency: Unsigned


Robert D. Cobb: What kind of model do you consider yourself? (Instagram, pin-up/glamour, fashion)?

April Leigh Steinmetz: “I consider myself a fitness model and a fashion model, although I have quite a few glamour pictures so most people might think otherwise. I’m focused on being versatile in these two categories.”


Robert D. Cobb: What brands have you modeled for? Which one do you enjoy modeling for the most?

April Leigh Steinmetz: “I have modeled for many local Austin boutiques and a few designers. My favorite designer would be Danny Nguyen Couture because of his gorgeous gowns!”

Robert D. Cobb: Where has been your favorite place to shoot?

April Leigh Steinmetz: “So far, that has to be downtown Austin. I love capturing all types of looks (high fashion, commercial, fitness, etc.) with an urban background.”


Robert D. Cobb: What is the most exciting aspect of modeling?

April Leigh Steinmetz: “I don’t know where to begin. I love the planning process of the shoot, the excitement of working with the team (either old or new), the hair and makeup experience, and of course, seeing the work come to life in the photos.

But to be more specific, the most exciting part for me is the moment I am physically and mentally ready, and I step in front of the camera which is then pointed at me, and it’s my turn. I’m pretty camera shy naturally, but when I am in a shoot, it just kind of goes away…I’m whatever character I’m playing that day.

That one moment is the most exciting for me.”

Robert D. Cobb: What fashion and style tips and trends do you have for looking good?

April Leigh Steinmetz: “For women, it’s about ruffled tops, fur jackets and vests, bomber jackets, tan colors, gold metallic colors, and I’ve been seeing quite a bit of chokers in terms of jewelry. I think a pair of knee high boots, jeans, and a fur vest would be a killer look.

For men, I have seen a lot of street wear being in fashion but I don’t care for it much. I always recommend suits.”


Robert D. Cobb: Within the industry, who is your inspiration?

April Leigh Steinmetz: “All the Victoria Secret models! Their pictures in stores, ads, and commercials are constant reminders of my own dreams to make it in modeling. I’m sure every girl sees it that way, but the difference is I get motivated and start working on my modeling career.”

Robert D. Cobb: What is your secret to staying in shape?

April Leigh Steinmetz: “There is no secret. It’s all about consistency and clean eating. If you fall off the wagon get back up that minute and stay positive.

I work out pretty much 6 days a week (I bring my workout clothes everywhere), and I focus on a carb cycling meal plan.”


Robert D. Cobb: With fitness bikini modeling becoming more popular thanks to social media platforms like Instagram, what are your thoughts on how it can be in creating a positive body image for women?

April Leigh Steinmetz: “With social media today it can be hard not to compare yourself to others (especially women). I see a lot of women who develop complexes of themselves and feel like they cannot compete with other girls, and it’s easy to feel that way!

For me personally, I use other women to motivate myself. Whenever I don’t feel like working out, or eating right, and I open Instagram, I see other women doing the right thing and I know that I want to be better too so I’ll end up going to the gym and choosing the healthier eating option.

It’s also who you follow on Instagram. If you follow the right people that inspire, motivate, and lift you up, chances are you will turn more towards progress and not perfection. To me, you should never compare yourself to others, but only compare and try to beat the girl you were yesterday.”

Robert D. Cobb: What are your thoughts on “fit-shamers”

April Leigh Steinmetz: “Everyone in the fitness industry can totally relate to this. I get fit shamed for many things- I’m too thin, I’m too big, or I look like a man, etc. etc.  My thoughts are that I don’t pay too much attention to it.

I don’t take advice from people that don’t have what I want, period. If someone tells me I am getting too muscular, I just know that they don’t get it and I don’t waste my time on their advice or opinion.”


Robert D. Cobb: I’ve noticed online, that a lot of women tend to be shaming others for being too fit, too fat, too pretty/promiscuous, as a woman, what are your thoughts on this and how can it be addressed?

April Leigh Steinmetz: “As women, we need to be united and stand up for each other. Beauty is subjective in cultures and everyone is beautiful in their own way and we should be able to express that beauty how we see fit.

If more people showed this character instead of hiding behind a computer screen of jealousy or hate, we could set an example.”

Robert D. Cobb: What is the most exciting part of working out and staying in shape?

April Leigh Steinmetz: “To me, it’s when you start seeing results in the morning when you wake up!”


Robert D. Cobb: What motivates you to succeed?

April Leigh Steinmetz: “We only have one life, and at the end of my life I want to use up all my talents and abilities for my friends and family. I believe that everyone is given a dream or a talent and it’s up to them to recognize what that is and go follow their dream.

At the end of the day, that is what motivates me- following my dream and becoming the best I can be before my time runs out.”

Robert D. Cobb: What is your opinion of the growth and popularity of “athleisure” Fitness or fashion fad?

April Leigh Steinmetz: “It’s funny because I personally have dressed this way because I am either going to the gym, or coming from the gym and it’s just easier to stay in gym clothes. They also go with my personality. I also can appreciate the woman who dresses herself up for work or for the day.”


Robert D. Cobb: Within the industry, who is your inspiration?

April Leigh Steinmetz: “Within the industry, Heidi Summers motivated me in getting more involved in competitions and I feel we have a lot in common personality wise.

Lately, my inspiration is my actual trainer, Solinda Blakeney. She has motivated me to get out of a plateau when I first started training with her. She is also kind and loving to everyone she meets.

She sets a good example and makes me want to be a better person. When my mind starts going in a negative direction with workouts or eating and I start to feel sorry for myself, I ask, would Solinda do this? And of course, the answer is no! And I turn myself around.”

Robert D. Cobb: What advice would you give to women aspiring to get into fitness modeling?

April Leigh Steinmetz: “I would suggest that they go after it! Like I said, you are given a dream or passion that is embedded with you, and it’s your responsibility to go out and make it happen before your time on earth is up.

Don’t make the mistake to where you think you will get discovered and you wait to be “rescued,” no- it doesn’t work like that.

You are the hero of your own story, and in the end, you must save yourself.  I would recommend that you focus on your strengths in fitness, and help others with whatever that is (maybe it’s abs, glute work, shoulders, whatever). If you prove your value to people, they will follow you and like you.

Think about your brand and how you want to be seen. Don’t get caught up in just shooting without any plans. Write your goals down daily and plan things out 30 days from now.

Join Facebook groups for fitness people so that you can seize opportunities.”


Robert D. Cobb: What is your secret to staying in shape?

April Leigh Steinmetz: “Persistent hard work and execution- commitment is doing the things you said you would long after the mood that you said it in has left you- that always sticks with me.

I’ll run in the rain, I will work out on holidays, late at night, early mornings, etc. When you are the only one at the gym, that’s when you know you are grinding.”

Robert D. Cobb: Describe your daily workout routine?

April Leigh Steinmetz: “It all depends on what timeframe of the year it is. Right now, I am about a week away from starting to slim down and dry up for my competitions in June, so right now it’s all about eating and gaining as much muscle as possible.

Currently, my daily workout routine is concentrating on a different muscle group each day.  Legs, back, biceps, triceps, and shoulders. Each day is a different group, but after my workout (usually a hour and a half), I head to the elliptical for 8-20 minutes of HITT cardio and of course, I’ll do 5 minutes of abs.”


Robert D. Cobb: With spring now here and summer right around the corner, what fitness and workout tips and tricks do you suggest to keeping in shape?

April Leigh Steinmetz: “It can take around 6 weeks for your body to change, and one thing I highly recommend to get ready for summer is Carb Cycling. If followed properly it will help you get lean and shed fat before summer.”

Robert D. Cobb: What fashion and style tips and trends do you have for looking good?

April Leigh Steinmetz: “I love fur vests- I think that paired with leggings and sneakers is a cool look. I also love a leather jacket with leggings and Nike shoes!”


Robert D. Cobb: Outside of modeling and working out, what are your hobbies?

April Leigh Steinmetz: “Those two things take enough time in themselves. When I do have spare time, I like to sit at a coffee shop and focus on learning French. I lost a lot of it when I moved back to the US.

My husband is French so it would be nice to be able to communicate with his parents!”

Sports question: Who are your favorite teams and clubs?

April Leigh Steinmetz:Well, I went to Texas A&M, so I love the Aggies. Aside from that, my favorite soccer team is Besiktas (they are a Turkish soccer team out of Istanbul).”


Robert D. Cobb: You’re from Texas, how is it that a girl from the Lone Star State is such a big fan of a Turkish soccer club (Besiktas J.K.)?

April Leigh Steinmetz: “At A&M, I minored in Anthropology and I got to study many cultures. Turkish culture was one of them and in meeting people I got introduced to Besiktas.”

Robert D. Cobb: As an Arsenal fan, I’m a big fan of former great Robin van Persie, who recently played for Federbache, who is your fave Besiktas player, and what is it about Turkey that you love so much?

April Leigh Steinmetz: “I haven’t been following as much as I used to! But I do have a song about Federbache in Turkish that you probably wouldn’t like! I’d rather meet Tarkan- who is a famous Turkish artist.”


Robert D. Cobb: Tolgay Arslan or Johnny Football? If you had a chance to meet one, which player would you love to meet and why?

April Leigh Steinmetz: “Tolgay Arslan, we could probably have a Turkish tea together. I would love to ask him his keys to success.”


Robert D. Cobb: Besides Ankara and Constantinople, what are some of your other favorite places to travel to?

April Leigh Steinmetz: “Within the United States I love San Francisco, Miami, and LA.

My favorite cities would be Paris, because my best friend still resides there and I miss drinking coffee and catching up with her. I also miss cities like Avignon, Mont Blanc, and Chambery (France) where I had some great memories with my husband (who was my boyfriend at the time), and the cities are gorgeous.

Monaco, South Africa, and Innsbruck (Austria). I would love to go to Istanbul one day soon as well.”

Robert D. Cobb: What advice would you give to women aspiring to get into modeling?

April Leigh Steinmetz: “A few things come into mind.

1. If you want it, go get it. A lot of people will tell you to wait until it’s the right time, until you look prettier, or you graduated, or you land an agency. Don’t listen to them. These people are called dream stealers. Even though they mean well, they don’t know what you know in your heart.

Time passes so quickly and you only have one life.

If modeling is your dream and it’s something that you want to do and it keeps at you, and you think about it all day, and even though people keep trying to bury it, you still dust the dirt off every day just to hold onto it, then there is a reason for that. You can’t let your dream down, its counting on you, it came to you.

They say that the graveyard is the richest place on earth, because there you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled all because someone was afraid to take action. Don’t let that be you.

2. A lot of people won’t have the same vision as you, and will push you to do something that is safe and dependable. When I was in my early twenties, I had an ex-boyfriend that wouldn’t let me model and told me it was unbecoming for my corporate career.

Back then, I listened to him and I wasted a prime time of my life for modeling and passed out on some major opportunities. It wasn’t until I met my future husband who saw my dream and pushed me to take action that I realized I can do both.

3. You must write your goals down and have a specific objective to get what you want. A pilot can have the best plane, but if he doesn’t have the coordinates to land then he will never reach his destination and will always be drifting around.

Don’t let that be you. Write your goals down daily on what you want by the year’s end, and what you will do to get there.

4. Keep in mind that there are a lot of people out there that have alternative motives. Be fearless but be professional and always question the other’s person intentions. Don’t’ shoot without a photo release, and be clear about expectations upfront.”

Special thanks to Mrs. April Leigh Steinmetz for her time and assistance during the Q and A interview process. Images used are with permission and are the rightful property of their owners.

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