Lucha Underground is the pinnacle of Lucha Libre in America. A lot of AAA stars come to the Temple to showcase their skills for the American Audience. One name who could possibly take on a bigger role in the coming months is Cage, otherwise known as the machine.

For his size, Cage is one of the most athletically gifted wrestlers on Lucha Underground. He’s not afraid to do flips, slams, or take a bump. Those are the quintessential traits of a top wrestler.

Of course, while he’s one of the stars of Lucha Underground, the question of whether he will make his way to WWE is at the top of everyone’s mind.

It would appear that Cage is set to stay at Lucha Underground and AAA for the foreseeable future. He’s has had great success in Mexico and on the indie scene, winning titles in AAA and PWG. Although , before his time in AAA and Lucha Underground, Cage was featured in WWE’s developmental promotion, FCW.

The Machine has had some time spent in WWE. In fact, he was once the tag team champion of FCW with current Lucha Underground star, P.J. Black ( Justin Gabriel). Does his time spent on the independent scene and Lucha Underground garner him another shot at the WWE?

Again, it’s highly unlikely Cage would agree to come to WWE. He’s one of the more successful wrestlers in Mexico at the moment, and always draws a crowd for his indie bookings. Yet, we’ve seen other wrestlers go to WWE that we never thought we’d see go.

Regardless of where he stands with WWE, Cage is a superior athlete that will get his time to shine. Whether it be on Lucha Underground or a bigger stage, he’s one of the best big men going in wrestling today.

It would be interesting to see Cage get another crack at the WWE. With Vince McMahon’s attitude towards muscled wrestlers, he’d probably get quite the push. Just don’t expect Cage to go to WWE unless the right offer comes around, and who knows if that will happen.

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