The Covid-19 Pandemic and related lockdown restrictions meant that a large number of individuals found themselves limited to their homes in terms of movement. This inability to leave the house meant that personal fitness, health and wellbeing were potential sectors that provided an opportunity for business owners, manufacturers and distributors to make money.

Established in 2012, Peloton is a manufacturer of stationary exercise bikes and treadmills. What makes Peloton stand out is that they go beyond just making conventional fitness hardware and encourage members to be the best versions of themselves.

Peloton members can support their fitness and healthy journeys with special fitness classes that are presented by leading fitness instructors. The Peloton fitness community is on hand to deliver added value for all members with support, encouragement and upliftment for one another.

In addition to the fitness hardware, Peloton also offers a monthly membership option by way of subscription. This offers members access to exclusive curated Peloton fitness classes that are easy to follow and accessible at the user’s own convenience. Brisk jog at midnight anyone?

Peloton Bike+

The Peloton Bike+ is their flagship stationary bike product that features a high definition display with 360 degrees of movement. This makes it more appealing for those who want to consider doing some yoga, pilates or strength classes aside from using the bike.

The Peloton classes can be accessed at any time via desktop and ipad development and also through Mobile Apps made by Elegant Media. There are also weekly live classes with a fun and encouraging sense of community that helps individuals to reach their fitness and wellbeing goals. Peloton offers users the chance to follow their favourite professional instructors whilst on the move.

Safety Features

The Peloton Tread is designed with safety in mind and users can assign a password as well so those who shouldn’t be using Peloton products have no access. Peloton also includes a safety key that should be attached when using the Peloton Tread and if the key is detached for some reason the treadmill will stop immediately.

Just like the Peloton Bike, the Peloton Tread also includes a very handy and motivational high resolution display so users can stream all their classes live as they use the treadmill.Peloton furthermore offers users the ability to set fitness and wellbeing goals and then track their progress as they proceed through the program supporting users to achieve their goals all the way.



If you are looking for accessories to complement your Peloton lifestyle then users can also browse and purchase dumbbells, shoes, heart rate bands, fitness mats, earbuds, resistance bands, heart rate monitors, yoga blocks and light weights.

Users can also order replacement displays, pedals, cleats and furthermore there are also various readymade Peloton packages with different types of accessories packaged together.

Peloton users can extend their fitness lifestyle even further with Peloton Apparel that showcases an active collection of apparel solutions for men and women with tops, bottoms, bags, hats, drinkware and jewellery as well!

Peloton Apparel wants users to feel comfortable as they exercise and feel good as they inch closer to their fitness and well being goals. Peloton classes and programs cover strength, boxing, running, cycling, yoga, meditation, stretching, walking, pilates and more, with special boot camps for bike and treadmill users as well.

Workout Music

Music is a pretty important part of any workout and Peloton also provides a range of musical soundtracks sure to inspire and energise your fitness journey with featured playlists from artists such as Britney Spears, Bon Jovi and Alicia Keys.

With the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic, shares in Peloton saw a dramatic increase complemented by the demand for Peloton equipment classes and accessories.

However two years on and with the Covid-19 Pandemic looking set to reduce in its impact and with restrictions and lockdowns easing across the world, Peloton shares once again declined in value as more and more users were choosing to exercise outdoors.

However, the active user base of Peloton is of much interest to others such as Amazon, Disney, Apple and Nike who have all been linked to a possible buyout of the Peloton brand, following a recent announcement that Peloton would be cutting some 2,800 jobs worldwide across corporate, warehousing and delivery teams. This included the Peloton Co-founder and Executive Chairman as well.

Peloton sold its first bike on the Kickstarter platform in 2013 with a price tag of $1,500. Peloton currently hosts some six million members globally and as it is also possible to be a Peloton member without owning their equipment and only take part in classes, the future for Peloton looks fit and bright.

If you are considering joining Peloton you can visit their showrooms across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Germany and take part in a free trial of their equipment to see if it works for you.



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