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Fitness Motivation! 30-Day Squat Challenge To Transform Your Body (Especially Your Butt!)

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Squats are some of the best core and butt-sculpting exercises. They not only give you that perfect booty shape but also strengthen your back, tighten your abs and improve body balance. By targeting your glutes and thighs, this exercise is sure to activate the butt muscles and work them throughout the entire workout challenge.

Sticking with this plan will guarantee you the strongest of lower back muscles and an admirable hard-earned booty.

During the course of these workouts, there are some basic and advanced squat movements you’ll have to acquaint yourself with. This 30-day squat challenge will focus on what is necessary, leaving out the bells and whistles. If you’re new to these workouts, you’ll understand them better as you go along.

First, let’s familiarize ourselves with the types of squats we are going to be doing in this workout, courtesy of Joanna Soh!


1. Basic Squat

Start in a standing position with your feet at shoulder-width apart, your hands grasped in front of the chest and elbows relaxed. Bend your knees to form a somewhat 90-degree angle with your butt while keeping your chest open. Push your body up simultaneously and feel your glutes muscles contract as you squeeze them on your way up. This is one complete rep.
2. Pulse Squat

Just like the basic squat, set your lower body in a relaxed position and when bending your knees, keep the chest up. Instead of pushing yourself up immediately, create a pulse-like movement by slightly straightening your knees then bending them again. You can do this once or twice before pushing your body up for a complete rep. Always squeeze your glutes muscles once you’re at the top of the move.
3. Jump Squat

The only difference between this exercise and the normal squat is that you’ll force your body up with a slight jump using your hells and the power from your arms. To avoid slipping, squeeze your glutes and quads as you rise and land softly into the squat position. We recommend wearing a pair of knee sleeves for squats if you want to add a little bit of spring to your step (or jump).
4. Sumo Squat

While in the normal squat position, turn your knees and toes slightly out. There are different variations of this squat position and depending on your preference, you can have your hands on the hips or clasp at your neck position. You can also choose to incorporate a slight toe-raise while ascending. Make sure to squeeze the glutes muscles on your way up.
5. Narrow Squat

Start in a standing position, feet together with the hands clasped together at the chest level. Lower your body as you bend the knees until the thighs are in a parallel position to the floor. Slightly hold then return to starting position. If this is a bit difficult, stand with your feet closer than shoulder-width apart instead of having them together.
6. Oblique squat (sumo with side bend)

While in a normal squat stance, place your hands at the back of your head with elbows pointing out. Bend your knees to the normal squat position and as your ascend, lift the right leg higher than the hip level until it taps the right elbow. Return to start and repeat the same steps but with the left leg raised to tap the left elbow.

7. Side Squat with Leg Raise

Stand with the feet 2 or 3 feet apart. Turn your knees and toes slightly out and while keeping the chest lifted, slowly shift your weight to your left side. Bend your left knee until the left thigh is parallel to the ground. At this position, your right leg remains straight. Push through the left heel to return to the standing position for a complete rep. Switch to the left and complete another rep.

Planning your 30 day squat challenge

The workout period should be scheduled to ensure you get 15-30 seconds of rest in between sets. The muscles need to rest so you’ll take one day off per week.
During the first week, maximize on activating the glutes muscles. This way, you’ll work more of the butt muscles as you proceed with the exercises. Squeeze the glutes in every move for maximum engagement.
On the subsequent weeks, strive to increase the number of reps and sets of each exercise. This builds endurance and strengthens your muscles.
On the last week, compile the entire workout exercises and polish them off for that maximum tension and gains. Here, you’ll be able to appreciate the hard work and admire the results.

Important considerations
. Workout six days in a week and rest on the seventh day
. Do one exercise per day for the five weeks
. Increase the number of reps and sets per day/ week as you get better with each type of exercise.

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