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Before I list of the songs, I’m going to assume you have the same problem that I do when going to the gym. Let me set the scene, you are at a gym, getting ready for your reps, and you are focused. Except, the guy besides you keeps grunting and making random exhaling noises, while the lady beside you will not stop yelling into her phone about her terrible night last night, all the meanwhile the gym is playing Vengaboys and Scatman. At this point your ready to walk out, until you realized you have your headphones, and now the BEST workout playlist you could ask for. Songs in no particular order: Power: Kanye West Flexicution: Logic DNA: Kendrick Lamar X Gonna Give it to Ya: DMX Bring’em Out: T.I. Turn/Fire it Up: Busta Rhymes B.O.B.: Outkast A Milli: Lil Wayne All There: Young Jeezy Summer Sixteen: Drake Now this hip-hop workout playlist will easily be able to get you through your 30-45 minute workout and with some time to run the treadmill after. This playlist is one of the best because the production, between lyrics and beats, push your mindset to be and do better. Whether you need some old-school DMX to get you through the last set, or the commonly known Logic’s “Flexicution” to help you with your last course, this playlist has it all!

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