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Fitness: Top 3 Exercise Equipment Items You Should Save For


February 11, 2017

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By Connor Christopher

When it comes to exercise equipment, buying cheap is simply not an option. 

Accidents involving shoddy and worn out equipment happen almost every day and when you’re doing dangerous or strenuous exercises you want to know that you can rely on your tools. When it comes to putting together your home gym this is especially important to remember.

At a public gym, you have staff and other people around to help if anything were to go wrong with your equipment of it you were to injure yourself. Obviously, you don’t have that at home.

So, when it comes to exercising at home, safety should be your number one priority.

The second thing you need to know about buying your own gym equipment is that bigger/more expensive does not equate to it being better. There are a lot of expensive and effectively useless machines on the market, so educate yourself before you decide to spend your life savings on a piece of equipment.

Instead, take a smart approach to your equipment. Think about versatility.

Think about what parts of the body you will be exercising with this equipment. While you can apply for a short term loan online to by your equipment, it’s better to save up on your own and spend smart rather than buy one piece of expensive equipment that isn’t going to give you the workout you need.

So, make intelligent decisions when you finally start spending the money you’ve saved.

Resistance Bands

While some people might have scoffed at resistance bands when they first started gaining popularity, over the years they have been proven to be excellent tools that can be used consistently in your exercising routines. For starters, they are incredibly versatile.

With the right technique you could use them to train almost any part of your body and they allow you to add variety to you workouts, which will ensure that your muscles don’t adapt to your normal routines and your progress stagnates. They’re easy to store, can be combined with other equipment and can be quite cost effective.

However, as I said earlier, quality is very important. A good quality resistance won’t lose its elasticity or break and will have just the right amount of give.

So, shop around for some legitimate, good quality resistance bands to get a cost effective full body workout at home.

Iron Gym push up max

If muscle is your goal then this piece of equipment stores easily and will completely change your push-up technique. These pads have rotating grips that allow you to rotate your hands to strengthen and tone the different areas of your upper body.

Your chest, arms, shoulders, back and abs all get a workout with one of these and by varying the elevation you can increase the intensity of your exercise and build muscle faster than you would any other way.

They also have a pretty reasonable cost and can be stored practically anywhere.

Gym ball/ Stability ball

For those looking for tone more than muscle gain then this one will be useful for you. However, it must be noted that a gym ball is completely useless if you don’t know the right exercises to use it with. Push-ups with your feet and legs elevated by the ball will help you tone across your chest and back as well as your arms.

For back, lower abs and core you can perform 12 Plank Pike-Up reps. It can be a great piece of equipment if you know how to use it, although finding a place to store it can be one heck of a difficult chore.

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