When it comes to fashion and style, there’s really no such thing as ‘rules.’ However, over time, these ‘rules’ appear based onthe judgments steered by whatever or whoever is trending. Some of these rules evaporate after a couple of weeks, while a few last for quite a long time. But for men’s style, it’s not about taste or trend, it’s about fashion facts.

Keep in mind that fashion is a way of self-expression. You wear what you think describes you best. You also wear what you think makes you fit into a particular occasion or setting. Thus, fashion should be fun and experimental. Allow yourself to play with trends, traditional, or classic. You are highly encouraged to be bold, expressive, and creative with your ability to style yourself. If you like t-shirts with dark humor, Steven Rhodes UK collection is perfect for you. You can pair it with jeans or trousers, or any bottoms you are comfortable wearing and allow yourself to express your own style.

However, there are some guidelines that you should not forget to help you dress and style yourself better. These ‘style rules’ serve as your baseline and not plain restrictions. Below are five of them tailored for men.

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Don’t Use The Bottom Button Of Your Blazer

It’s prevalent for most men to use navy-blue blazers to easily make themselves look more formal, well-dressed, and sophisticated, regardless of what’s underneath. However, buttoning all the buttons up may ruin the whole get-up and make you look too uptight. Thus, as much as possible, when you wear your blazer, never use the bottom button, and instead, leave it unbuttoned.

After all, most blazers and suit jackets nowadays are designed to flare out in the bottom part to create the visual effect of a slimmer waist. Buttoning up all the buttons will only ruin the goal and pull the fabric, puckers, and possibly destroy the seams. The risk of ripping your blazer will even be greater if you button them up while you’re in a sitting position.

You can read more here for more fashion guides about wearing blazers. If you’re in doubt, remember your acronyms—SANs. It stands for sometimes, always, and never. If you have a three-button jacket or blazer, you can sometimes button the top button, always for the middle button, and never for the last button. If you have a two-button blazer, always or never button them up. For a one-button blazer, just button them always.

Be Mindful About Tucking The Wrong Shirt

When you were a kid, your mom used to keep your shirts tucked in to make you look smarter in school. Understandably, many men grew up with that idea on their minds that tucking shirts might make you look smarter. However, it’s not always the case for all shirts that you use.

Some shirts that are designed to be tucked in include tailed shirts and dress shirts. They both have longer hems at the back that you can pinch in your trousers. However, if you try tucking in a denim or flannel shirt, you’ll be stuffing them back between your trousers all day. And it will only make you lose your poise and confidence.

If you’re that guy who likes tucking in your t-shirt or polo, opt for longer-line styles. If possible, wear a belt as it will keep everything in place. It will also ensure you wouldn’t accidentally flash your back to strangers whenever you try to reach down.

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Carry Your Bag When You’re Wearing A Suit

Whenever you’re wearing a tailored suit, never put your bag strap on your shoulder. It will only cause pressure and friction on the fabric. This pressure can potentially wrinkle your well-prepared suit, damage the material, and make your shoulders look frayed. Even if you claim to have a luxurious men’s bag, it’s still a no-no. If you want to preserve the beauty and tailoring of your suit, carry your bag with your hands. You can either use a briefcase or a tote bag to carry your things instead.

Avoid Washing Your Clothes Every After Wear

It’s a common misconception that clothes must be thoroughly washed every after wear. However, this rule only goes for undergarments. But for other clothes, you might have to think twice before bringing them in for laundry.

As much as possible, avoid washing your clothes like your well-tailored suit, jeans, and dry pieces of denim frequently. Washing your jeans and denim will remove the dye in no time, leaving them with no personality. Moreover, avoid washing using tumble-dry or heat as not only can it destroy your clothes’ look but it’s harsh for the environment too.

Always Match Your Leathers

In simplest terms, use the same tones of leather together. It’s not always about the color, but rather, the material. Mixing different materials of leather in one outfit will only cause each piece to strive for attention. Every piece of leather you’re wearing must be in total harmony, regardless if you’re dressing up for a wedding or an office look.

Wrap Up!

Understandably, everyone is all about trying new fashion trends, but attempting to pull off something you don’t find comfortable isn’t always wise. If you want to feel confident with your outfit and yourself, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to what you know. However, it is highly advisable to keep these rules in mind.





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