Are you trying to create a fashionable look with leather? We’ll give you tips on how on this quick guide.

Leather is one of the most popular fabrics used in fashion and daily wear. But that doesn’t mean you can run freely with it. Knowing how to coordinate it is what will set you apart from the competition.

And that’s why we’re here today.

We’re going to give you some quick tips on how to coordinate leather. Doing so will increase your fashion knowledge and utility.

So let’s get started!

Choose Leather From the Same Color Family: Brown with brown, tan with tan, black with black. Keep the colors within the same family if you plan on adding leather to your wardrobe. Fortunately, your colors don’t have to be too exact; which brings us to our next point.

Get the Right Ballpark: Don’t waste time looking for the perfect shade of tan that is similar to the color of your shoes. Not only is it a problem to some, but to other people, it will appear too meticulous; a minor discrepancy that gives you an air of cool nonchalance, not scruffiness. If you try too hard, you’ll look lazy. For instance, a tan belt and dark brown shoes might appear mismatched.

Don’t Match Wild Colors: A fluorescent green belt can be your best fashion statement, and you could possibly make a good outfit out of it. But to search for and find a pair of matching shoes is not only complicated but ridiculous. So please stick to one statement color if you want to look “flashy.”

Leather Journals: When it comes to a leather journal made in the USA, you want to gauge the quality of it first. For instance, you can opt for a full grain leather journal. These journals have the highest quality as the leather has increased durability and size.

However, full-grain leather can be expensive. If you’re on a budget, you should aim for split leather. Split leather is better suited for softer journal covers. No matter which piece of leather you buy, make sure that its contents are good enough to fit your journal.

Belt and Shoes: This is the main one. While this style is the simplest, it’s the least acceptable to get wrong. So what’s the golden rule behind this?

Your shoes and belt need to have similar formality and color.

The color alone is what gives users trouble. Can I wear brown with tan? What about these light blue shoes – is there a belt that can match? Relax, it’s simpler than you think.

Watch Strap: Assuming that your watch strap is made of leather, it should match with your shoes and belt. You can be less exact with the color formation here; as long as you stay within the same color family, you can change the tones according to your preferences. A brown strap can work with a black belt if you need it to.

Conclusion: Overall, leather journals made in USA is designed to coordinate. No matter what form of leather you have, make sure that it matches with your outfit. Ultimately, by maintaining the quality of your leather, it will help you stay appealing and fashionable!

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