Forget all their misconceptions about a bachelor’s bedroom: that it is always messy and always take a resemblance to any dorm room. All of these are not always true. Don’t believe them if they tell you that a bachelor does not take much interest in interior design.

Any bachelor can make his bedroom assume grace and elegance while not forgoing its aura of masculinity.

Many bachelor’s bedroom designs are on the trend right now. From rustic or industrial to minimalistic and enigmatic designs, a man’s bedroom can be the place where a lifestyle emerged. When you design your bedroom to what you want it to look, you will reveal yourself in the open and give anyone the opportunity to get to know you better.

If you want to unleash your identity by the look and design of your bedroom, here are some design ideas to get you started on in choosing a design, color, and decoration for your dream bachelor’s cave.

Keep the Textures Simple

How much time does a bachelor spend in his cave? Well, just enough to take pleasure of his favorite things. Hence, it is important to create a sense of calm in a bachelor’s cave.

For example, letting in natural light from large windows to immerse the neutral colors inside is an excellent way to produce this sort of effect. Also, mixing up simple textures such as wooden floors, concrete walls, or an indoor plant will surely refresh the eyes and mind of the beholder.

Or You Can Make It Stay Complex

There are two things to take on an identity of masculinity. It is either you keep it simple, or you make it complicated. You can make your bedroom more complex and assume a level of masculinity by mixing up an imaginative play of darkness and light.

For you to achieve it, you can display some black-and-white photographs leaning against a wall illuminated by a light underneath. Along with black-and-white, you can show on another wall some colorful artworks. Having a beautiful array of decoration in your bedroom will give it the impression of freedom.

Show Masculinity with Deep Colors

If you want your bedroom to have an attractive color palette, masculine colors like deep hues of blue to go in contrast with warm wood furniture is an excellent choice to go. Dark, expressive hues are sure to make your bedroom and mattresses look luxurious. You can perfect this style by adding some chrome and faux leather details.

Create That Masculine Vibes with Shades of Gray

It is easy to utilize white, black, and shades of grey to produce a sense of masculinity to a man’s bedroom since most bedroom designs usually display the same color mix. But you can accentuate this particular effect of a bedroom design if you paint the walls in shades of gray and have huge windows to soak the place with natural night during the day.

Keep It Warm By Wood Design

Designing a man’s bedroom to become the best place in your home where you can unwind and relax is not an easy job to do. But thanks to the timeless effect of a wooden design, you can now make your man’s cave almost without dropping a sweat.

You can achieve an alluring environment for your room if you have sleek wooden floors, walls, furniture in your bachelor’s pad. Wood as a focal point in your room will have an ultimate effect if you also have a black ceiling for contrast. A wooden design for your bedroom will help you sleep fast if you want to relax after a tiring day of work.

Dark Bedroom for Some Mysterious Feel

For sure, mystery makes a man more masculine, if not to say attractive. Putting on a mysterious feel to your bedroom is sure to add a dose of masculinity to your identity.

If you want to have a sleek and sophisticated man’s cave, you can mix up a black and white interior design for your bedroom. Not only that it will create a sense of mystery, but it also looks vibrant and sexy.

Lighting Balances Dark Bedrooms

Stylish bedroom designs exhibiting diverse textures will immediately catch the eye of anybody. A right lighting which showcases dark features in a bedroom will make a bachelor’s pad sleeker and more sophisticated.

You can illuminate any bedroom features like a window seat with natural light from tall windows, or you can use artificial lights to highlight architectural designs. Everything strikes a right balance when you make the attraction of a dark-colored interior with the right choice of lighting.


Gone are the days of a carefree life, now is the time in your life to decide for yourself. Planning and creating the design of your bedroom is a stage of man’s maturity. By the design of your bedroom, you create an identity for yourself. For you to start designing your bedroom, you can take some cue from the bedroom design ideas above.

Author Bio: Janis Walker is a blogger and an interior designer. She writes topics ranging from tips on how to make the right design for a bedroom to tips on how to choose perfect mattresses for a good night’s sleep. In her free time, she loves to watch movies and read books.


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