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The Flash: Revisiting Savitar’s Prophecy From Earlier This Season

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Things are winding down on season three of The CW’s hit show The Flash. A few weeks back, fans finally got the big reveal they had been waiting for. That, of course, was the revelation that this year’s big bad, Savitar, was actually a future version of Barry himself.

We are now down to two more weeks. Barry and Team Flash must concoct a plan to help save the life of Iris, despite the fact that Savitar knows everything that is going to happen. His true identify being Barry does help fans understand how evil Barry was able to drop a prophecy on the good guys earlier this year.

That is, for those who still think back on said prophecy. With all that has happened this season, it is understandable if you kind of forgot about the future telling from Savitar months back. So let’s dive back into those words, shall we?

We were told three things. One person from Team Flash would fall (die), while one would betray the team, and another would suffer a fate far worse than death. So who is going to fit into all of those three things? Have we already seen some of this happen?

Let’s break it down.

One will fall

Now, from what Savitar knows, it is safe to assume this is Iris. We have actually seen this death happen in several episodes already. It is also a pretty good bet that we will at least get to the point where Iris is in the villain’s hands. However, I am still not buying the fact that the show is ready to kill her off.

If this is indeed the case, then Barry and the crew will have been successful in taking the baddie down. Under those circumstances, the things that Savitar knows would be false. As a result, there is no guarantee that anyone is actually going to die! Don’t you love time travel loopholes!

I still can’t shake the feeling that someone goes down, however. So while the prophecy says someone dies, but it doesn’t have to happen if the future changes, I still can’t shake this feeling that Joe or Wally goes down. My money is on Joe.

Joe’s key purpose on the team is as the father figure. Unfortunately for him, there is another character that could step into that father-figure type of role if the show decided to shock fans by killed Joe off. Remember, Jay is still stuck in the speed force. Assuming the team can trap Savitar there and alter the future, Jay would be able to get out. As a result, Jay would step into a much more prominent role in season four.

One will betray

I think this is one that we have already seen. When Caitlyn went all Killer Frost on us, this one was fulfilled. While she helped the team out last week, she has been their enemy for the most part since going cold. Even with signs of Caitlyn trying to poke back through last week, she has already turned her back.

So part of changing the future may be flipping Caitlyn back to the good side. But given her actions that have already occurred, it is safe to say this prediction is already covered.

One will suffer a fate far worse than death

Again, it is entirely possible that we know who this is. And the simple answer is that it is Barry himself. Turning into a supervillain and killing the love of your life would most certainly be deemed a fate far worse than death. It seems pretty hard to come up with anything that could be worse than that.

But just like the first prediction, this is one that seems like it is set to be altered. There is no way we end the season with Barry falling so deep into depression that he goes full-on baddie. That would defeat the purpose of the show! You can’t have The Flash without The Flash being a good guy anymore.

So we know the future is set to change. Meaning Barry does not flip to the dark side and suffer this fate worse than death. So thanks to those time travel shenanigans, another one of Savitar’s three predictions are set to become a moot point!

So there you have it. Who do you feel will fulfill these predictions. Will time travel mean some of them don’t come true? Or the fact that Barry and the team will change the future, is it possible several of them don’t happen at all? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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