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Time is running down on many television shows and their current seasons. One show that is set to end its fourth season this Tuesday is Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. The show was just renewed for a fifth season, meaning that we are guaranteed at least one more go-round with Coulson, Fitz, May and the crew. That is assuming they all survive the season four finale. In a season that has seen its fair share of surprises, that is not an assumption fans should be banking on. Not too long ago, Director Mace was taken out within the Framework. From that point forward, it feels as if no one is safe. As we enter the finale, Mack and Yo-Yo are the two that are most likely in danger. Both of them are currently still within the Framework. So while the fight is being fought in the real world, those two will also be fighting for survival in the virtual one. But there is another character that I think is potentially in just as much danger. I am referring to Robbie Reyes. Or as you may know him, the Ghost Rider. He made his triumphant return at the end of last weeks episode and it appears he will be a crucial piece in taking down AIDA in the finale. But will it be his last ride? For starters, let’s jump back to the start of the season. Season four of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD has been split into three sub-arcs. The first was one that focused on Ghost Rider. It introduced us to the character and showed us who Robbie Reyes was. It also introduced us to the Darkhold. That’s the magic book that AIDA read which basically turned her evil. It appears that book is going to be a key link between the two characters. As a result, it will be central to the storyline in regards to why Ghost Rider has come back most likely. We have seen him take down previous Darkhold readers when the rest of the team could not. But now let’s transition to why Ghost Rider has been absent for a while. As I mentioned, the season was split into three. The second part of the season focused on LMDs, meaning Robbie was not needed at all. Rumor had it that the show found the cost too much for the special effects needed to make the flaming skull look so good. As a result, he was not needed for the two-thirds of the year. While many were upset when he departed, it is hard to argue against the success that was the rest of the season. In this fans opinion, the Ghost Rider part of the season, while extremely strong, was still my least favorite part of the season. In other words, the show proved it can do just fine without Robbie. Now sure, Robbie is a really strong character. But we have seen he is not essential. And if he is a costly character, why not give him one last big moment before parting ways? He is back to help take down AIDA. Maybe that will mean he must sacrifice himself to do so. It would cement him as a true hero in the eyes of everyone on the team. It would also mean he forever has a spot in the heart of fans (although that’s probably already a done deal). Add in the fact that Robbie Reyes is not the only one who is capable of possessing the Ghost Rider. If you are a fan of the comics, you know the name Johnny Blaze. He even cameoed earlier this season when we learned of how Robbie got his “powers”, even if we didn’t see his face. Mack has even had a turn with the flaming skull. My point here is that Robbie Reyes is far from safe in the finale this Tuesday. He has only appeared in a few episodes and is already loved by fans. But there are simply a ton of factors working against him. What do you think? Will Robbie Reyes survive the last episode of season four on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD? Or will this version of the Ghost Rider bite the dust? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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