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Focus On The Family: A Response To Jim Daly’s Question

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Two days ago Jim Daly the President and CEO of Focus on the Family wrote on the subject of homosexuals being mistreated and what he deems as the best Christian response.

Unfortunately he hardly scratches the surface of the issue. His only strong point came when he said “when we reduce someone to a behavior or label, when we begin to see ourselves as better than the next guy, we begin to allow self-righteousness to creep in and take hold of our heart. We begin to look at homosexuals as somehow inferior, and the minute such sentiment grabs hold of us is the minute we become vulnerable to diminishing the inherent value of another person.

Daly then goes on to say “so instead of just talking about homosexuality and homosexuals, maybe it’s time that we sat down and spoke with homosexuals. Just sitting down over a cup of coffee doesn’t mean you have to cede your deeply held biblical convictions about human sexuality.”

What happens when a Christian is not comfortable sitting down to a conversation with someone who is a homosexual? For those who are comfortable what topics get covered? Eventually their sexuality will get brought up and labeled. Is there a belief that somehow over the course of meeting for coffee that a light bulb will go off and a decision to become straight gets made? Not likely.

Instead what will happen is the person will get tired of being pestered and will no longer attempt to communicate. Which means that the issue isn’t seeing homosexuals as “inferior” it’s instead ignorance as there’s the belief that sexuality is a choice or in some cases a lifestyle, which means that there’s an opportunity for someone who is homosexual to become straight.

Sexuality is not a choice.  With that being the case how about Christians become educated instead? Then there’s a great possibility of treating each other as equally.


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