By Alaine Gordon

Food is an important part of every traveling adventure. It is an amazing way of getting to know the peculiarities of each country and each cuisine and creating beautiful memories through food.

If you are a foodie and you love to travel, we have you covered! Here are 10 wonderful dishes you must definitely try on your future travels.

1) Pizza, Italy

Even though pizza is a regular dish in our everyday lives, it is many times not of the best quality and it can be very far from the original.

When you eat pizza in Italy though, that is not the case. You are bound to have the best pizza you ever had in your life. Italians always use fresh ingredients and their own homemade cheeses. The combination of the two is bound to offer you an unforgettable, tasty experience that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the world.

2) Asado, Argentina

Asado is close to what the rest of the world would call a barbecue. But do not be mistaken; the Asado in Argentina is so much more than just a simple barbecue.

For the people of Argentina, it is a huge part of their cultural tradition. You will truly be very lucky to experience an Asado at a native’s house, and be treated to a traditional meal and drinks.

For the Asado, the animal is prepared and cooked in the “Parrilla”, a type of grill. The meat they use is always very high quality and Argentinians only use the finest cuts for this dish. It’s not rare for them to cook not only the entire animal, but also the organs!

3) Gallo Pinto, Costa Rica

Gallo Pinto is a great vegetarian option that consists of breakfast rice, black beans, scrambled eggs and a tortilla. What makes this dish very special, is the fact that you can have it with some fried bananas and some very ripe avocado, both of which are produced locally and are incredibly delicious.

This is one of these dishes that even tough simple, it’s very traditional and tasty. You definitely have to try this dish, especially because of how well these ingredients go together.

4) Escargot, France

Escargot is one of the dishes that many people fear. Why you might ask. Well, escargot actually stands for snails!

Every travel blogger or foodie has definitely written an article or essay about this dish. It is well known all around the world and people travel to France just to try this dish specifically.

If you haven’t had this delicacy before, you should definitely order some if you ever visit France. The combination of the butter and garlic sauce the French add to this dish creates an amazing taste that you will not easily forget.

5) Tagine, Morocco

Tagine is one of these dishes that everyone is bound to enjoy. It is a stew that is cooked slowly in a clay pot that is shaped like a dome. That allows for the stew to retain its liquids without allowing any steam to escape. That enhances the flavor and makes the stew very juicy and creamy.

Tagine is usually a vegetarian dish but it can also be mixed with different types of meat. It offers a unique, smoky kind of flavor that is bound to have you craving more!

6) Cheese Fondue, Switzerland

This dish is a very popular one in Switzerland. Both locals and tourists always love to try a good cheese fondue made of original Swiss cheeses. These are always served in pretty much every restaurant in Bern.

You have to try this fondue for yourself to know just how great this tastes. Even though the ingredients are simple, their quality and the variety of cheeses make it one of a kind. There are many things that you can dip into it, but the most common and the one that works the best for this fondue is slightly toasted bread cubes.

7) Cendol, Malaysia

Cendol is one of these dishes that you just have to try. It is popular through many Asian countries but the highest consumption has to be in Malaysia.

It is the perfect treat after a hot day in the sun. It is made with coconut milk, syrup made of palm sugar and shaved ice and it is incredibly refreshing. It also contains drops of worm-like green rice flour jelly.

8) Meat Pie, Australia

All meat pies in Australia are a huge thing and every Australian loves them. Served with some tomato sauce on top, these beef and gravy filled pies are meant to satisfy your taste buds.

Meat pies are perfect for cold weather and even though they are served for lunch, they can be eaten and enjoyed at any time of the day.

9) Ramen, Japan

Ramen is a huge staple is the Japanese cuisine. Even though most of us have had a cup of noodles at some point in our lives, the authentic Japanese ramen are a billion times better.

Each region in Japan can offer you a different style of Ramen to try. The thing that’s always stable in all the variations is the meat broth, the noodles and soy sauce or miso that is used to add flavor to the broth.

10) Chlodnik, Poland

Chlodnik is a very refreshing and unique tasting soup made of beets. The number one thing that makes it stand out is its vibrant pink color, provided by the beets. It also consists of yogurt, radishes and cucumbers and it’s usually topped off with boiled eggs.

Not only is this dish one of a kind, it is also very healthy and nutritious. It is truly the perfect choice for a hot, summer day!

Always make room for food!

No matter what country you end up visiting, it is always a must to try foods of the local cuisine. Food is something that definitely ties us to a country and can make our break out trip.

So, next time you’re visiting one of these countries, don’t forget to give these amazing dishes a try. You definitely won’t be disappointed!

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