When you throw a party, you must make sure that it is unique and is something that is worth remembering by your guests. Whether you host a party for your office colleagues, or your family or a simple get together for your friends, you would always want it to be a bit different from all the times before.

Organizing a boat party can be a practical solution to your concerns about throwing a party in a novel way where you can give your guests a taste of the high waters. The popularity of boat parties has ensured that there are plenty of boat rental options from which you can make a good choice based on your requirements.

In this article, you will learn about some essential things which you need to take account of before renting out a boat to guarantee that you throw a good party and ensure that your party is a success.

Surreal experience

One may feel that sailing is an expensive activity, but the experience that it offers is profoundly different from any form of travel experience that one can ever have. It is peaceful, calming and soothing on the nerves and also provides the beauty of silence. This difference has made boat parties so popular with people today who want to have an experience that is unprecedented in their lives. You can choose boats based on your route, and if you desire to take a cruise down the river, then you can select a small barge. The experience sought will determine the boat rented out.


Boats come in all types of budgets these days. Everyone can afford to rent out a boat today as it is no longer an exclusive privilege of the rich and the famous like business tycoons and celebrities. Boat rentals come with added facilities like maintenance, food and beverage catering, and decorations. So depending on the budget, you can choose to opt for the amenities you require.

Time span is crucial

You have to rent out the boat for a fixed time which will be based on the requirements of your party. You can choose to organise a sunset party which will start by the afternoon and continue until mid-evening or midnight, or you can host a midnight party that will go on until dawn. Preferably boats must be rented out for four to five hours. Having a fixed schedule will allow proper arrangements to make the party go smoothly like stacking up enough food and beverages.

Boat Size

This one is obvious; the size of the boat you choose to rent out will be dependent on the size of your guest list. A longer guest list will require a bigger boat to fit the crowd, while a smaller boat will suffice for a limited audience.

You can organise amazing Thames party boat for a variety of occasions. Hire professionals, and they will make sure that your party is a hit!


Boat parties are fun and exciting. However, you must ensure that you consider all the parameters correctly before renting out a boat. Hopefully, the tips mentioned in this article will help you to make an appropriate choice for your party.

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