The wedding is the construction of immaturity to maturity. After getting married a person needs to recognize the potential he can generate to make a good living. Before marriage, a person is tension free and has no burden to carry for his family.

But after the wedding, a person needs to become responsible and mature to make his family happy.

A wedding is the combination of two different personalities which have to spend their entire life together. To make this relationship prosper both husband and wife must opt the suggestions and recommendation of each other. There should have a sacrificing ability between them so that they can let other person’s decision overcome there’s. They must know each other and have a great bond with each other to make their life happier.

But first of all, a person needs to concentrate on the wedding reception. It is the border between two different lives so must be celebrated with enthusiasm. The most common seasons of a wedding are in summers and winters. There are some similarity and differences between the steps to be taken during summers or winters.


• Summer

1-Cold drinks and beverages

The biggest difference between a summer and winter wedding is related to drinks. In a hot season, a drink is a compulsory item to be served. There are various ways to serve a drink to a person. Big drinks may be served to a group of people, or a small drink can be served individually to a person.

2- Sun and bug protection

Sun and bugs are one of the biggest problems for an outdoor wedding. Usually, people have to face these problems in weddings during summers. This problem can make your whole event worthless. To help yourself avoid this problem, you must have a proper shelter and the venue decided should be away from any forest or wastage.

3- Wear cold and breathable dresses

In any wedding girls and woman want to wear heavy dressed indulged with embroidery and pearls. This dress can make them look attractive and agleam, but it can also cause unessential warmth for them.

• Winters


Soup must be served as an appetizer.

2- Proper heating system

A proper heating system must be introduced to avoid cold.

3- Heavy food

Heavy food or fast food must be served for the meal. This will help the guests remain warm.

4- Venue

A proper venue for your wedding must be decided which must be bug-free and can be facilitated easily.

5- Invitation cards

Invitation template is the best and the most reliable accessory to invite your guests.

6- Makeup

Makeup is an essential for every girl and is very important for a bride. A bride must be conscious with her facial expression from a month until the wedding so that she can look good at the wedding reception.


Author Bio: Ilse Franckaert is the mother of two little boys and is an amazing wedding planner. She is obsessed with wedding traditions and all the customs. She regularly posts at

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