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Food: Few Characteristics Of The Best Thai Restaurants

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By Oliva Wilson

Thai food is one of the most popular cuisines of the world. Be it in Thailand or anywhere in the world, Thai food is savoured by on and all. The massive menus and varieties of food at Thai eateries are actually overwhelming and are bound to leave you at a loss for words.

Thai Restaurant Musts

There are a few must-haves dishes for foodies which can be found in any renowned Thai restaurant. These are the basics of every Thai cuisine and most people who know what to order, order these. Hence, if you are choosing one of the best Thai restaurants to eat at, make sure it has these dishes available. Some of the more popular Thai dishes are mentioned below:

1) Tom Yum Goon – Perhaps a constant on the menu of almost every Thai restaurant, this dish brings cravings like no other. One cannot resist feeling hungry just mentioning its name. This is a Thai soup that uses shrimp as its main ingredient. The best Thai restaurants know exactly how it needs to be made and make sure they never get it wrong. It has lemon grass and is sour in taste

2) Pad Thai – It is basically stir-fried noodles dish which can be made with chicken, pork, seafood or with lots of vegetables. The dish can be found at street-side eateries as well as in all reputed restaurants. It has a sweet and sour taste that can be pleasant in small quantities.

3) Noodle Soup – This is a basic preparation of every Thai restaurant. It can be a totally vegetarian soup or can contain pork, chicken and seafood in it. It is usually served with mushrooms.

4) Som Tam – It is a staple dish of Thai restaurants and street foods. It combines hot, salty, sour and sweet thrown in. People visit the best Thai restaurants to eat the popular dish in Thai cuisines.

5) Gai Med Ma Moung – Its English translation is chicken cashew nuts. The chicken is stir fried and served with cashew nuts. Even though it is quite spicy, but can be altered according to preference. It is generally served with vegetables.

6) GengKheaw Wan Gai – Its English translation is green curry chicken. It is one of the most enjoyed and celebrated curries in Thai cuisines. People from all around the world find it difficult to resist this preparation. It tends to be really spicy and hot. It can be had with vegetables, chicken or beef.

Best Thai Restaurants

Tips on finding the best Thai restaurants around you

While dishes are a great way of deciphering whether the restaurant is one fit for you or not, here are some tips that can help you choose the right restaurant without going through the menu.

1) Try and satiate curiosity – Curiosity has led to the discovery of great things so if you are looking to satiate your thirst for something new, then keep trying new places till you know you have found the best one.

2) Specialities – Do not have to try every Thai restaurant to get to know if that is where you want to eat or not. Just asking them about the way they prepare a certain dish or a few dishes should give you the idea.

3) Keeping ears open – Know how to filter comments. Try and find out about the new Thai restaurant that has opened up. The one that stirs the most buzz can easily be one of the best Thai restaurants.

4) Equip yourself – It is always advisable to be informed about what you are eating and how (if at all) it can affect you. You can read up reviews or depend on apps that do that for you.

These are a few tips that can help you find the best Thai restaurants for you to eat famous Thai cuisines. Make sure to follow them!

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