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Now that WWE has decided to make Jinder Mahal the poster boy for Tuesday nights and SmackDown Live, would the company be willing to take more chances with other superstars?

The move to put the company belt on Mahal was a typical Vince McMahon move. It was innovative, it was sharp in contrast, and it goes against everything WWE has been about the past five years. If McMahon was so willing to do this a few years back, maybe somebody like Rusev would have gotten over as the baddest heel in the company.

Both the red and blue team are still transitioning into the New Era of this company. If McMahon is going to show his brilliance once more, there are a few steps he could take to ensure the changes in both rosters offer fans new WWE programming to follow.

Here are four ways better booking could help both Monday and Tuesday nights.

Samoa Joe And The Heel Stable – I know my friend Sarah Hirsch is going to love this. Think of it as the Four Horsemen – Samoan style.

What if Samoa Joe joined forces with Jimmy and Jey Uso and brought in Roman Reigns – who finally turned his back on the fans for good? The move would be epic. The four heels could run Monday or Tuesday nights, much like the Four Horsemen ran the NWA decades ago.

The Usos have been the class of Tuesday night’s tag team division. Since becoming a heel duo, they have really stepped up their game. And if somehow WWE switched rosters again and pushed everybody to Monday night, a confrontation with Matt and Jeff Hardy would tear the roof off any arena.

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens Together Again – I have been preaching a Zayn-Mahal confrontation for the WWE title. I still think that happens, but what happens down the road? Mahal cannot be champion forever because the angle only has so much of a shelf life.

Zayn has been mired in the mid card for quite a while. While he holds victories over his former BFF, he hasn’t moved the needle towards the main event picture. He’s getting better, but he’s not there yet.

What if the two meet again, with some resolution where they become a bad ass tag team? Maybe Zayn’s best move is a heel turn.

The other possibility is Owens becomes a baby face, which I have thought for a while would work. His ability in the ring and in promos would make him an instant fan favorite, which he has already proven that he is so over with WWE’s fan base.

Paige In Blue – WWE must decide what it will do with the British beauty upon her return from injury. Right now, the women’s division could use her more than ever.

Paige works well in the ring, speaks her mind, and is great at taking heat from the fans. I’m not sure if a role as a villain is right for her. But looking at the state of SmackDown Live’s women’s roster, there is no doubt she could be a great asset.

The union between Charlotte, Becky, and Naomi makes no sense. And the way Carmella, Natalya, and Tamina have been booked is downright nuts.

Regardless of her suspensions, her photo and video controversy, and her neck injury, if she is able to perform in the near future, WWE must make her the focal point of clearing all this mess up.

Angle In The Ring Again – I will be the first to admit that I was wrong about Kurt Angle serving as Raw general manager. The WWE storyline is fantastic. Angle is laying down the law, and creating matches that keep us entertained. The booking is getting better.

But what if Angle got back in the ring? For some reason I see a storyline where both he and Daniel Bryan butt heads, leading to the confrontation we all want to see.

Angle made it clear last year that Bryan was the wrestler he wanted to face and his final match. Of course, the former WWE champion would have to be cleared medically to get back in the ring. A match between Bryan and The Miz had been teased, but the former Intercontinental champion has moved to Monday nights.

I’m not sure how we get to this point, but there has to be an arc where Angle challenges Bryan. It would be a great match for Survivor Series, maybe with another roster change on the horizon.

If the McMahons are reading this, please make this happen.

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