When you sit down and think about it, slots have never really been one of the easiest casino games to win at. Sure, they might offer one of the easiest concepts, as all you have to do is match certain images, but that doesn’t mean they are easy to win. Just because the concept is easy to grasp, it doesn’t mean that it is actually easy to pull off. Just go play a couple of lines and you’ll discover this rather quickly.

That being said, slot machines have seen many changes over the years. Some of these changes are even supposed to favor the player, but is this actually the case or just talk?

Why Slots Might Be Easier Today

One of the reasons that some people say slots are easier today is because the RTP has been steadily increasing over the years. RTP stands for return to player and it basically just means the return of cash to the player. Casino operators started operating under the premises that they were better off retain customers by offering higher RTPs, rather than chasing them away with unobtainable odds. What’s even more encouraging is that both brick and mortar and online casinos are offering similar RTPs. This is somewhere right around 96%.

Whether this is true or not is still up in the air because brick and mortar operators have never been forthcoming with their payout percentages. Although, their clients d have a large variety of RTP options to choose from, and this could be one of the reasons that they are unable to provide a uniform payback figure for given machines. Online developers, on the other hand, regularly display their RTP information in the info section of their slots. These machines tend to offer more transparent percentages, which is one of the reasons people might say slots are easier today.

However, you have to remember just because a machine says it does something, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it actually does it.


A Lot Bigger Bonuses

Another thing that you’ll find with today’s machines that you wouldn’t find with past machines are the bigger bonuses. Sites like Judi Slot Online are willing to offer a wide range of bonuses to their slot customers. Not only will they offer no deposit and free spin bonuses, but sometimes they’ll even offer cashback bonuses, where players can recoup a percentage of their losses for the month.

However, certain terms and conditions must be met before players can withdraw money pertaining to these bonuses. Sometimes this requires spending more money, but the main key here is that you now have the opportunity to win more cash than ever thanks to these bonuses.

More Volatility And Features

Some could say that today’s slots are tougher because of the jackpots. Not only are the jackpots more lucrative, but they are now progressive, which throws in a whole different tier of difficulty. Remember, the more you can win, the more volatility that will be accompanied. Couple this with all the added features on today’s machines, and it is easy to see how some individuals say that modern slots are much harder.



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