With most land-based casinos shut down and the extra added convenience of online gambling sites these days, it is more than easy to understand why more and more people are opting to gamble online. Give the rambunctious nature of slot machine and ease of rules, it is easy to understand why more and more people are choosing to gamble with online slots.

The only people is that slots are always as cut and dry as they might seem. Sure, the concept and rules are super simple, right? All you have to do is match certain images in a row or in a certain sequence and you win. While some slot machines can get a bit more complicated than this, this is pretty much the gist of slots.

However, that doesn’t always mean you’ll walk away from the game a winner. If you want to walk away a winner for slots, you’ll need to learn how to determine volatility.

Why Is Volatility Important?

You likely already know that slot machines offer a wide range of payouts. Some deliver small jackpots, some offer progressive jackpots, and some are willing to pay out higher rates than you’d ever imagined. On top of this, you earn more money for landing high-odd combinations. A combination with a ratio of hitting 1 out of every 500,000 spins will obviously payout more than one that is more common. That being said, it is the seemingly unobtainable combinations that make the game worthwhile. It is also those combinations that increase the overall volatility. Slots are a business and any viable business must make a profit. This is why they tempt you with those big jackpots, but pad your pockets will the little ones while you chase and chase. Simply put, larger payouts make the machines more volatile, whereas smaller payout makes the machines safer because your win more often.

Depending on your bankroll, you’ll always want to consider the volatility of a machine. If you have a small bankroll that you want to stretch out as far as possible, you’ll want to opt for less volatile machines.

The Jackpot Says It All

A lot of slot machines feature a volatility rating in the help section. For instance, if you are playing slots on a website like Entaplay, you can hope over to the help section of the slot machine and you might see something like this – volatility rating – 3 out of 5 stars. This is means that the volatility of the machine is right there in the mid-range. However, not all machines provide this information. And, when they don’t, you’ll want to consider the jackpot. Simply put, a larger jackpot means that the machine will be more unpredictable and volatile.

The Payouts

It isn’t just the jackpot that will determine the overall volatility of the machine. The payouts can determine it as well. If a machine is offering outrageously high payouts, you can rest assured that the volatility is high. Remember, slot machines are a business, and any viable business has to make money.


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