If you decided to give a try to your luck in online gambling, you would be surprised with numerous propositions offered by the online casinos. The most popular ones make the progressive spinner wheel jackpot offers which are usually used in slots and video poker games.

According to statistics, slot machines hold top positions in the list of the most trusted online casinos NZ.

Cumulative is one more name for the progressive jackpot. This is a prize pool, which receives a definite sum of the bet amount and increases each time the game is played. It directly depends on the spins’ quantity. The accumulative pot is refilled by all bets regardless of their amount.

Thus, the more users play progressive jackpot games, spinning the reels of the slot, the more significant reward will be waiting for the winner. Often many machines are connected to each other and create a more prominent progressive bank that grows faster due to cumulated money obtained from numerous non-winning plays.

To start playing the game with a jackpot, you must transfer the maximum sum of money and collect a winning combination. Not every player is ready for this, but since the number of online casino players is uncountable, the money one can win will change his/her life dramatically. The desire intensifies when the players realize, that if none of the other players does get this winning combination, the prize will only get bigger.

The gambling with such a prize pool is usually more expensive because each player must deduct a certain amount in the prize pool. To play in some machines and games with the progressive jackpot, the player must make the highest possible bets.

Even if you were lucky enough to hit the online casino, but you did not fulfill this condition, you would not receive any money.

Bank drawing can happen at any time. As soon as it takes place, the pool will start accumulating again. The strategies to win the whole pool do not exist because it is impossible to predict the result of a random-number generator.

How are the progressive jackpots formed?

Currently, three main methods do exist:

”Standalone Progressive” — it is being formed on the basis of one slot machine and bets made only on it. You will never find a huge prize pool here, but the chance of winning it is much higher than elsewhere.

”Area Wide” — is used for massive accumulative jackpots. An independent provider forms the prize pool.

”In House” — a progressive jackpot that is being accumulated in the online casino from all gambling machines of this gambling establishment.

Their prizes can also reach enormous sizes. For example, in 2016, the lottery’s bank reached the following high: an American player won 1 billion 568 million dollars playing PowerBall. Before that, the biggest win was the Maryland Lottery’s pot — $640 million.

It is the progressive slot machines that can offer players substantial prize pools due to accumulative principle. For many users, this is the easiest way to grow rich and to dramatically change their lives. Which is why millions of players daily rush into the online casino to give a try to their luck and win the progressive jackpot.

There is one common feature for all slots machines with progressive jackpot — the availability of a prize pool counter. It shows the current amount of the jackpot. This counter is usually large and brightly colored and placed above the slot machines.

You can follow visually how the size of the jackpot grows while people throw their coins into playing machines.

Dreaming of obtaining such money, players are ready to take risks: to transfer large sums, to buy many lottery tickets, etc. Organizers of gambling actively use this. For example, online casino operators can offer players to make separate bets to break the bank.


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