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Through the history of online gambling, there have been releases of popular computer game themed slots. This is an easy way to engage online gamers and introduce them to the world of gambling. Since all of the slot machines feature a lot of the main characters and gameplay, they will be intrigued to try these slots, as this is familiar turf. Most of the bonus rounds also feature mini-games, and this will be part of the gameplay of the 3D animation slots, with characters jumping out on the side of the screen and warriors with swords standing guard.

Playing for Free

These free spins casino games can be played for free as well as for real money. You can pick your character in a bonus round and enter into the battle or entertainment of the computer game following the storyline. This is how the gamers stay occupied in gambling when they try to complete the mission as they would in the game. It may take some time to complete missions on the slots machines; thus, it is important to play for free first. It will give you the opportunity to have a look at the different characters, how they work, and what you need to look for. The pay table is also an important aspect, as this will give you an indication which characters create betting winning combinations. You will have some time to practice when you play free spins casino games.

Best Computer Games Slots and Their Features

Take a look at the best slots inspired by computer games, why they are so popular, and what special features they have to offer. Most of them will be Video slots or 3D slots with lots of special features.

Tomb Raider: Designed by Microgaming Lara Croft is the main attraction just like in the game. This slot has 5 reels and 15 paylines and on these reels, Lara will be searching for some hidden quests. The first slot had average graphics, however, the bonuses are rewarding. There has also been a release of Tomb Raider II, which has exceptional graphics with a more modern look. The special features of the games are the Tomb Raider logo, Lara Croft and the Tomb Idol. The wild symbol is the logo, Lara is the scatter symbol for free spins, and the Tomb Idol will trigger the bonus rounds.

Star Wars: Everybody remembers the excellent Star Wars crew; all of the main characters are featured on this slot machine. It has a total of 3 exciting bonuses all featuring the adventures. Should you find the Darth Wader party bonus, you will unlock the progressive jackpot. With 5 reels and 20 paylines, IGT has ensured their spot in the industry. You will need some of your Jedi skills to find some of the prizes. Characters such as Luke Skywalker, Yoda, and Hans solo will be some of the main attractions of this slot machine.

Dead or Alive: The computer junkies will refer to this one as DOA. It has a western theme, and NetEnt will take you to the Wild Wild West. It is not hard to see why this slot has become a favorite of many. The background alone will get you in the mood, with heavy weather, and swinging lanterns you are saddled up for the quest.

The features of this slot are nothing short of impressive, sticky wilds will keep you captivated by the “Wanted” banner icon as they can replace any other icon except for the scatter icon. Bonuses are super exciting, and the crossed-pistol character will score you 12 free spins combined with multipliers.

Hitman: Hitman comes to life in these slots designed by Microgaming. This time around Agent 47 will be eliminating his targets according to his contracts. On the layout, you will find 5 reels and 15 paylines filled with characters such as money, sniper rifles, rope knives and guns. The features will include Wild symbols, scatters, multiple free spins and bonuses. The wild symbol is portrayed by the Hitman himself with two crossed pistols. He is in charge of the reels taking the place of all the others. The number 18 is the scatter and will award you with 18 free spins.

Warlords: This is a strategy game with a fantasy theme, now incorporated in a slot machine. The exciting look and feel of Warlords make this an epic game to play. The sound incorporated into this game is intriguing and catchy. The graphics are excellent and crystal balls, bow and arrows and axes will be some of the characters on the reels. Shields and manuscripts of cause the warlords will be making their appearances. Finding the human looking feature will award you with the most credits and the elf and orcs are also precious to you. Find the crystal ball and the contract, and you will have an instant bonuses round.

Vikings: Another strategy game filled with lots of fearsome characters. You are able to play this game online or by downloading it to your device. Vikings were feared people, standing their grounds as they go on their Scandinavian adventures. They paylines are flexible, and you can bet up to 20. This 3D video slot is filled with rich colors and awesome graphics. Many special features such as the Viking women, the Longship, and the skulls are characters to look for.


These mentioned slots are all based on successful computer games; even if you do not know anything about games, you will enjoy this selection.

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