Strong, confident men own certain items to help them get through daily living. Here is our list of five must-have items. So if you want a boost to your self-image as a manly man, consider this list.

A Cast Iron Skillet

Show me a man that can’t cook and I will show you a man that is dependent on others for his survival. Owning a cast iron skillet and being able to cook a great hearty meal is manly alright. Cooking in a cast iron skillet takes a skill that not every man is willing to learn, but armed with knowledge and a little practice you’ll be a master in no time. And for an added boost to your confidence, learn to cook up something indoors on the stove and outdoors over a fire.

A Good Sporting Rifle

If you look back at the history of the greatest men to have lived, you will find an overwhelming majority of them owned a sporting rifle. Can you think of a better way to get out and connect with your natural instincts as a man? Even if you’re only shooting at targets. Having the ability to fire a weapon for survival or protection is as manly as it gets. Everyone around you will see and feel your confidence when you own and can fire a sporting rifle.

A Pocket Knife

If you’ve never owned a pocket knife, you don’t know what you’ve been missing. Go ahead and ask a guy that has one in his pocket. He’ll be the one with a positive self-image. After you own a pocket knife, such as the ones from Knifedge, for a short time, you will fervently miss not having it. Trust me. My personal favorite is a short, single blade that lets me cut, scrape, pry and even work out small screws. A pocket knife is crucial.

A Musical Instrument

Music is great for your mental health. Especially if you can create the music. You don’t have to be Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or Eric Clapton. But being able to play musical notes is great for relaxing your mind. And have you ever met a girl that didn’t want to date a musician? Not me. Get yourself a guitar, harmonica or some other kind of instrument and learn how to play a few tunes around the campfire. It’s a manly thing to do and you’ll feel great.

A Tailored Suit

Have you ever heard the ZZ Top song “Sharp Dressed Man?” It’s true that women love a man that can look good in a suit. Even other guys will see your confidence. Not any suit off the rack will do. A tailored suit that fits your body will cause heads to turn and boost your confidence. No man should be without a suit for those occasions when they need to impress. Being a good ol’ boy in jeans and a t-shirt is fine, but being able to dress to the nines is about as manly as it gets.
So there you have our list of items you need to work on acquiring this year. You will feel more confident, better prepared and the ladies will love you for it.

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