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Animal Kingdom: Smurf, Baz, J and Pope Are on a Collision Course

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The Cody family is poised for an implosion in the very near future on TNT’s hit series Animal Kingdom. When season two started, Smurf’s boys had had enough. They were tired of her rules and walked out. Now that we are eight episodes into the 13 episode season, there is even more tension within the family.

In particular, Baz is at the center of two major storylines. For one, the police think he is responsible for the death of the mother of his daughter, Catherine. But Baz didn’t kill Cath. But he now knows someone did. His suspect, none other than Smurf.

The only problem is, Smurf did not actually kill Cath. Instead, it was Pope. Sure Smurf knows about what Pope did, and has hid that information from Baz,  but she did not actually commit the act herself. To add a layer of drama, Baz has informed Pope of his suspicions. As a result, Pope finds himself in a very awkward spot at the moment.

While season one Pope was a true cold-blooded killer, this season he has shown a bit of his remorseful side. He has clearly been feeling guilty about what he did to Cath. He has found some piece by attending bible study and getting close with Amy. But he is about to have a serious problem on his hands, and he knows it.

Baz is already angry with Smurf. Then we layer in the second major arc he is involved in at the moment. The man who is not actually blood has learned Smurf has been skimming off the family jobs for years now. He found her storage unit, in which she houses a bunch of safe to hide her profits.

So naturally, Baz decided to break in and steal all of the goods she has been keeping from the boys. Along the way, he managed to bring J into the mix. This presents a problem for J, as he has been working closely with Smurf this season, as he has become her new Baz. But by betraying her, something tells me she will not hold back when she learns of his involvement.

So let’s take a look at what is likely coming on Animal Kingdom based on these facts.

For starters, we know that Smurf is going to learn it was Baz behind the scheme to clear out her storage unit. So if she didn’t have it out for him already, there seems like no coming back here. He is not her son, and this is probably an action she will deem unforgivable.

And this is where things will get messy for J as well. J was hesitant to go along with the plan, as he knew it was Smurf’s unit. But he did it anyway. So he is going to catch some of her fury as well. But now that she has shown him the ropes, he may be ok out on his own and working with his uncles.

As for Baz, he will certainly start accusing Smurf of killing Cath when she confronts him about the storage unit. And that is where the family implodes. Because Smurf is not going to lay down and let Baz throw around false accusations. As a result, she could very well throw Pope under the bus.

This news is likely to break Baz. If things weren’t bad enough, now he will learn the only member of the family he has shown some faith in was actually the one who killed Cath. Safe to say he won’t be able to have a civil conversation with Andrew once this news drops.

Pope then becomes alienated from both Baz and Smurf. If Smurf gives him up, there is no way he can ever trust her again. And since he knows he has done something wrong, he is not going to want to confront Baz. He has no argument.

So with all of this going on, plus the disaster that is Craig’s plan, the Cody family is set for a full on collision, followed by a complete implosion.

What are your thoughts on where Animal Kingdom is headed? Do you think the Cody family can survive based on how things are playing out? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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