Since the beginning of the pandemic, garden design, landscaping, and farmhouse styles have bloomed into the mainstream. What do you get when you combine a high level of stress, being trapped in your house, and a whole lot of free time on your hands? We call it the perfect combination for catching the gardening bug!

And many people would have to agree with us. During the height of the pandemic, interest in garden supply stores, home decor stores, and furniture stores have shot through the roof. But why?

Why has garden design suddenly become so much more popular?

Garden design has always been popular among certain demographics of people all around the world for many years. But since the beginning of the pandemic, the interest has peaked at an all-time high. And here’s why.

Outdoor living spaces can help keep our mental health in check

It’s no secret that our collective mental health has taken a beating over the last year and a half. The uncertainty that the pandemic brought with it, mixed with isolation and confinement, has pushed people to fully appreciate how wonderfully destressing the outdoors can be.

Creating an outdoor living space can provide people with instant and all-natural anxiety and stress relief, just from the fresh air and sunshine alone. Combine those mood boosters with an oasis-like space of hand-curated potted plants and the perfect farmhouse table, and you’ve got yourself a mini-vacation, right out your back door.

We find comfort in getting back to our rustic roots and farmhouse tables

Did you see that we mentioned farmhouse tables among the description of a cozy outdoor living space? There was a reason for that. The farmhouse and rustic style is making a huge comeback, and it also is connected to the pandemic, after all, what isn’t these days?.

Farmhouse tables are handmade, and carry a raw and real feeling into any room they’re placed in. It’s no wonder that in times of uncertainty and high stress, people want to escape the chaos and flee to a comfortable space that reminds them of years gone by. There’s something comfortable about nostalgia, and that’s exactly what sturdy and true farmhouse tables bring to the table (no pun intended).

How will a surge in garden design be beneficial for us all?

This is one trend that could really do the world well, starting from inside our homes to the rest of the world around us. Creating outdoor spaces, where people and nature can co-exist and benefit from each other’s existence, might be exactly what the world needs these days.

Outdoor living spaces can be beneficial to the environment

Fresh air and sunshine are equally as beneficial for us humans as it is for our plant friends, and when our plant friends are happy so are the bees. And as you surely know, when the bees are happy, the whole world is happy.

Filling our backyards and outdoor living spaces with bee-friendly plants and flowers can make a huge impact on our fragile ecosystems. Plants such as Black-eyed Susans, Blanket flowers, Catmint, Coneflower, Cosmos, Gerbera, Hyssop, and Lantana are only a handful of examples of some of bees favorite plants.

Fresh air at mealtime will do more than just set the mood for a beautiful dinner

Nothing beats a beautiful and intimate open-air dinner party, and that’s the number one reason why most folks reportedly found interest in outdoor living spaces in the first place. And who can blame them. Food just tastes better when it’s placed atop farmhouse tables, alongside the perfect table decorations and maybe a candle or two.

Meals bring people together. It’s where we come together to relax, indulge in our favorite foods, and shed the weight of our often stressful days. And doing these things in the fresh air of a peaceful evening makes everything that much better. People have realized that they can create the spaces that they crave on a day-to-day basis, right in their back yards.

A picnic in a meadow or at a park, a long walk on the beach while chatting with an old friend, and a home-cooked comfort food meal served on a farmhouse table, can all be combined into one stunning outdoor living space.

Final thoughts

They say we should always be on the lookout for silver linings, and this time, we’ve definitely found one. The constraining anxiety that the pandemic placed upon us all, has ultimately forced us to look outside and to appreciate the beauty that is all around us, all the time. We simply have to open our front door.



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