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Tawdry Take Over? Piper Perri Videos Are Just the Beginning

Meet the new princess of porn, who isn’t pulling any punches when it comes to career goals. With delicate, elf-like features and soft blonde curls, the diminutive 24-year-old has a pervasive air of innocence that makes her seem more like 16. Combined with a bubbly personality and easy soft smile, Piper Perri at first glance seems like exactly what you’d expect of any wholesome American, girl next door type. Piper
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When Gender Really Matters: Choosing the Best Seeds for Your Crop

Feminized seeds are changing the game for home growers and larger industrial operations alike. Imagine you’re a baker. Every day you bake hundreds of loaves of bread from the same bag of flour, but every day you have to toss half of your product. You still have to purchase flour, but suddenly there’s a 50% chance that your loaf just won’t turn out. Sound like the worst business model ever?
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How To Show Your London Escort a Good Time

Most people tend to think that London escorts are just female sex machines. If that’s the experience you’re looking for, you might as well just spend your hard earned cash on a fleshlight. If all you’re looking for is a quickie with next to zero human interaction, it’s unlikely that you’d be shelling out a load of cash on London escorts. Rather, you’d probably just go find a gal working
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[Things To Do] 20 of the Best London Date Ideas

London is by far one of the most enchanting and romantic cities in the world.  In fact, the only problem you’re likely to experience is knowing where to start.  Hence, it’s worth consulting with those who know the dating scene in London better than anyone else. As West London escorts effectively go on dates for a living, who better to advise on the capital’s most charming and enjoyable date ideas?