If you’re more of the, do it yourself kind of person, then chances are at one point or another, you’ve wondered whether or not you would be better off just starting your own business. Working for yourself does have its drawbacks, but if you come to the decision that you’re going to bite the bullet and get into business for yourself, then you’re going to need a solid business idea to get you on your way. There are a ton of great opportunities for small businesses in today’s market, and this article aims to highlight a handful of those here and now.


Everyone needs work done around their house at some point. Whether there is a fault with their wiring, an issue with their plumbing, or damage to their walls, they are going to need a professional who knows what they are doing to come in and fix their problem. This presents a wonderful opportunity for someone who is already equipped with such skills. People trust a handyman who they can rely on to get the job done, so once you’ve started to build up a reputation, you should be able to get pretty consistent work around town.

Video Game Developer

Entertainment is one of the most lucrative industries on earth, and that means anyone who can provide truly excellent entertainment to the people is sure to find some measure of success, especially if they provide that entertainment consistently. Video games are one of the most popular forms of entertainment on the earth, and if you are passionate enough, you can produce some incredible games yourself. This is easier with a team, but there is no requirement for one, and if you want to work for yourself, developing and selling games in your free time could be a fantastic way to build the funds and following necessary to do it full time.

Animation Studio

In the vein of entertainment, people love animation. It is a wonderful way to bring incredible stories to life and, once again, something you can conceivably do alone given enough time and dedication. Creating amazing animations and using them to build funds and a following is a great way to establish your own animation studio and find people who want to work with you to produce amazing content.

Law Firm

The law is a complicated and detailed thing, which is why people need lawyers to help them through legal cases. If you went through getting your degree in law, you are already well qualified to set up your own law firm and start working for yourself. Even better, if you’ve already been practicing for a while, then you likely have clients that will happily come to your new firm to continue working with you. There are a hundred and one different specializations, from inverse condemnation to insurance claims, but if you’re good at what you do, then you will surely find success in any area of law that you decide to pursue.

Freelance Worker

A good solution to some of the potential issues posed by establishing yourself as a business can be solved by working as a freelancer. Of course, you still work for yourself and report directly to clients, but a lot of the complexity in running a distinctly separate business can be done away with. Instead, you are the business for all intents and purposes, which frees you from a lot of potential issues. Some of the best fields to work in as a freelancer are detailed below:

Programmer/Developer. With the rise of technology as a defining factor of so much of the business world, coding skills are becoming more and more desirable in a business setting. This means that there is always demand for skilled programmers and developers, especially in a freelance format, as companies can hire you when they need you and don’t have to pay you a steady salary.

Artist. Companies rarely have a consistent need for talented artists. However, most businesses have some need for artists, and because of this, they are far more likely to turn to freelance professionals for the work when they need it done. Plus, many individuals are also likely to commission artists for work that they would like done, meaning there are many potential streams for work available to a skilled artist online.

Creative Writer. Words have power, and many, many people have need of powerful words. Despite this, few businesses have a consistent need for truly creative writers, which means a lot of steady writing work falls more into clinical copywriting. This is fine for most writing work, but often companies and individuals alike will turn to talented freelancers for more creative projects, allowing you the freedom to refine your craft while working in a way that suits you.

Personal Trainer

Health is an incredibly important thing and is incredibly difficult to maintain for some. The process of controlling diet, exercising well, and avoiding poor health influences is an incredibly difficult process for some, so people need personal trainers. People who can help them to control their diets, exercise well and make good health decisions. This is a great business to get into if you have a passion for fitness and the knowledge to back it up.

Career Coach

Similarly, people often need a little help to fully realize their potential when it comes to their careers. Making good business decisions, balancing work and personal life, and prioritizing important work tasks are things that a skilled career coach can help their clients with. This is a brilliant business to create if you are intuitively skilled at navigating career decisions and helping to guide others through difficult decisions.

Translation and Interpretation

Finally, if you are fluent in multiple languages and have a real passion for language, then you might really enjoy working in translation and interpretation. Communication across the globe is always going to be important, and not everyone has the time, dedication, or passion needed to learn additional languages, so there will always be a demand for effective translation services. This means that if you get the ball rolling on a good translation company, you should find consistent success.



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