Planter box is the one that is used by many people who don’t have space for a garden or a big backyard. It is a great way to ensure that you are getting the opportunities to grow plants in the planters without worrying about digging in your yard or going through the hassle of creating flower beds in your backyard. Planter boxes can be utilized for various purposes produced of different materials and even permit you to plant a whole vegetable garden without drilling in rough soil. The plant boxes are used for decorative purposes too, and here you can see:

Window planter boxes

Different boxes have various pursuits that they serve and choosing the right type of box will allow you to ensure that you are getting the best growing experience. If you are in a small space, window boxes are the best idea. With this box, you will not need to foot outside your house to water your flowers and keep your curb appeal looking great. If you grow the plant in a large planter box, you grow many plants in a single planter box.

Patio planter boxes

If you grow in a patio, they either attach to the railing or can be placed on the ratio floor so that you can take care easily. If you choose the ideal size of vegetable planters, the length can be any size that fits your space.

Depth of vegetable planter box

The depth of the vegetable planter box is based on the type of vegetable plant you are going to plant. For shallow-rooted vegetables, you require the small type of Planter, and for medium rooted vegetables, you require medium-sized planters. Then if you plant longer rooted vegetables, you need large planter boxes.

Raised planter boxes

If you have any pets, you need to consider raised planter boxes because the pet will damage your plants. So, this planter box helps to keep your pets and pests away from the plants you are planting.

Wooden planter boxes

It is the most natural-looking, and it is very inexpensive and that can be decorated by you or purchased. The downside to that they may warp depending on the weather. Make sure you apply a wood treatment to the box that should not rot in the rain.

Pallet planter box

If you want to get DIY with your box, you can consider a pallet planter because this is made out of old pallets. Then you can throw very quickly with no more cost.

Brick planter

Here the line bricks up on your patio and arrange them in a particular figure that will maintain your soil. You can also buy premade brick planters that all of your plants will fit into the additional slots.

Mental Planter

If you need a rustic look, you can choose a mental planter, and you can use stainless steel or even an old watering trough to put in your soil and grow the plants. These are excellent for vegetables because they grow deeper.

Flower boxes

If you are going to grow flowers in your planters, make sure that you choose the right planters. They need to have a-holes in the bottom that are larger, and it will be shallower so that they can drain the excess water properly and the root should not be rotted. When they absorb adequate water the flower even looks fresher, always.

Bottom line

Finally, using the different types of Planter for different plants will be a good option. Depending on the plant growth you can choose the right planter so finally, these are some different types of planters.



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