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We all get angry from time to time. In those moments, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to choose ration over anger, especially since our bodies craves for the release of negative emotions. Is anger good for us? Well, in some situations, it might not be the best of emotions to let out. But, in plenty of other cases, anger can be motivating and quite helpful. Let us find out more information on the subject so that you can decide for yourself, whether anger is a good or bad thing. Anger can motivate you, as long as it is turned into positive energy It might surprise you to discover this, but anger can represent just the motivation you needed, to make the right changes in life. The one thing that matters is that you use it for the right purpose and turn it into positive energy, making a change for the better. Anger is the kind of constructive emotion, which can help you get over your fears and motivate you when you do not feel as strong as you should. You should also learn how to improve memory, so that you remember all those situations in which anger served you right or, on the contrary, did you wrong. Optimism and anger go hand in hand Who would have thought that angry people are the ones who are rather optimistic than realistic or, worse, pessimistic? Well, this is quite true, as optimism and anger go hand in hand. Anger is a true emotion and, when it is properly expressed, it can help one get a better outlook for the future. The key is not to let your anger reach upsetting levels. Otherwise, you will surely not be able to maintain an optimistic view of the future. Expressing your anger is beneficial for your relationship One of the most important persons who make us angry is our partner, whether we like to admit it or not. Anger appears as a natural reaction, especially if you feel like you have been wronged. However, many people are afraid to express their anger as the natural emotion that it is, as they consider it would be detrimental to their relationship. In reality, it is the other way around. Hiding your anger damages a relationship, while is healthy expression might get the two of you talking. The one thing you have to make sure is that your anger is justifiable and that you are not just acting out, wanting to gain an advantage over your partner. Anger can help you become better acquainted with yourself Anger is a complex emotion and one that many people fail to understand for what it is, given the fact that it is so often suppressed. It might surprise you to discover that anger can help you become better acquainted with yourself, as it provides insight into how you feel about certain things. It is never good to suppress your anger, especially since a healthy expression of such emotions can help you achieve important things. Anger can help you discover your flaws and also how to work on them, making a genuine change of the direction where you are heading. The expression of anger equals less violence As it was already mentioned above, it is never a good thing to hide or abstain from expressing your emotions, especially when it comes to anger. While in many situations, anger is followed by physical violence; there are just as many in which the expression of anger means less violence. Once again, what matters the most is that you express your anger in a healthy manner so that the other person knows they have done something wrong. The risk of violence is considerably lower when the other person has received a clear message about the way you are feeling. Anger can help you negotiate in difficult situations When justified, anger can help you obtain advantages over another person. Surely, you are not allowed to raise your anger to discomforting levels, but you can use it and negotiate your way in a difficult situation. Anger is not necessarily a negative emotion, and it can be a sign of power, self-consciousness, and desire to dominate. To use anger as a negotiation strategy, you need to have a lot of experience in this area and, most importantly, know when to stop. You cannot let your anger get the better of you. Otherwise, you will most likely fail to achieve the things you wanted. When you are angry, you tend to think more rationally At the beginning of the article, it was stated that when angry, it can be difficult to choose ration over this emotion. But, as it was recently confirmed, it seems that people have the tendency to think more rationally when being in an angry state. This is because, when you are dealing with an anger-based situation, you tend to be more focused and concentrate less on small details, which might have affected your decision. In conclusion, anger can be good for you but only if you know to use it in the right manner. As you have seen, anger can motivate you to make a change for the better, when turned into positive energy. It can make you see things more optimistically, to have better relationships and to discover your flaws, as well as ways to remedy them. In certain situations, the healthy expression of anger equals less violence, while anger can be used as a negotiation strategy or to take more rational decisions. However, being too angry is not good, as it can lead to violence, unhealthy relationships, and bad decisions. In such situations, it is recommended to try out relaxation strategies or take anger management classes. You can also take natural supplements with calming properties, such as Recalmax. This product is meant to help you enter into a state of calmness, avoiding the negative consequences of anger. Must Watch: Various Brain Disorders: Causes, Symptoms, and Diagnosis

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