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Bills Need To Make An Effort To Get Spiller Involved

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Orchard Park, N.Y. — The Buffalo Bills did the unthinkable, well that is besides  the fact they will be missing the playoffs for the 13th straight year, they only gave C.J. Spiller eight touches the entire game, seven carries and one reception to bring his totals up to 1,047 yards rushing and 352 receiving yards.

Another fun factoid is that The Bills are 2-1 this season when Spiller gets 15 carries or more in a game. It’s became more so frustrating since Spiller has only had 161 carries this year, while league rushing yard leader Adrian Peterson has 289. If Spiller had 289 carries like Peterson, he’d leading the league with 1,879 yards and  it’d be a nice final two  games to see if either of them could break Eric Dickerson long standing rushing record of 2,105 yards.

This is eerily similar to what this same team did between the years 1969-1971; they barely gave legendary halfback O.J. Simpson the ball between those three years with coaches John Rauch and Harvey Johnson at the helm. That was until they brought back Lou Saban as their Head coach in 1972.

When coach Saban was brought back he basically turned everyone into blockers and specifically the offensive line was dubbed The Electric Company, because simply they turned on “The Juice”.  I can only hope next season if there is a new coach for the Bills, that he used Spiller to his full potential as we saw for brief moments this season, especially if he can live up to my projected stats

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