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Photographer: Michael Dydasco

Black and white.

Mixed chicks. Bi-racial women, whatever term you which to call these beauties, make no mistake, they are the best of both words and races.

Once considered the product of forbidden and secret relationships of slave masters and their slaves, and looked down upon to the point of being kept secret, some of the most beautiful women in the world such as Halle Berry, Mariah Carey and Alicia Keys proudly claim their mixed roots.

With many couples dating and marrying interracially, there is a increase in mixed race children in today’s society. Sadly, not many mixed women are able to break the modelling color barrier because of it. Either considered not white enough, or not dark, ethnic or “exotic” enough looking, being a biracial model in the pre-dominantly white world of modeling is a major challenge for some to overcome.

Photographer: Michael Dydasco

While the modeling world has begun to embrace plus-sized, curvy, petite, boudoir, glamour, Instagram and fitness models as mainstream, bi-racial and mixed models are still having issues gaining acceptance.

Perhaps Georgia-born inked and glamour model, Maxi Soule can change that.

A simply sexy and alluring mix of edginess, art and beauty, the thirty-something Maxi is proof that modeling needs a little color in today’s predominantly Insta-white world of modeling.

Photographer: William Raines

While there are many different shades of color in modeling, Maxi brings a tinge of Southern heat along with a zero-fucks attitude thanks to a real carefree and sassy attitude that is conveyed in her work in publications such as FA Magazine. A formerly obsessed hoops fan, Maxie is a big fan of two-time NBA champion Kevin Durant, and is a born fan of the soon-to-be Las Vegas Raiders.

While she may be a small 5’1, there is no mistaking Maxi as being larger than her diminutive frame when it comes to truly standing out. Below is my Q and A with Ms. Soule as we talk being a mixed woman in the world of modeling, the #MeToo movement, the challenges she has faced, her love of hoops and her obsession with Nikes!


Who Is She?


Name: Maxine Brown

Age: 35

Height: 5’1

Birthplace: Albany, GA

Measurements: 32DD-29.5-32.5 | Shoe 6, everything else small, I’m very small.

Notable Publications/Media: FA Magazine /Nike & Kevin Durant Explosion commercial

Social Media Links: Instagram: @maxi.soule | Twitter: @MaxiSoule | Facebook : Maxi Soule | Facebook Fan Page : Maxine Antoinette

Spring is here! you excited! My spring break is filled with events and appearances, I am grateful for the warm weather finally.

Places to hit up for spring break? What’s on your bucket list? I don’t have much of a bucket list , more of a to do list. I would love to make it into a museum for my artistic nude work. I also would love to experience Ireland and Italy. I guess my bucket list would mostly be filled with traveling to express my gratitude to the many fans across the globe. I am amazed and sometimes overwhelmed at how many other countries love my work.

As a biracial woman, what are your thoughts on more ethnic-looking models being in the industry. As a multi racial model I would love to see more women of color express their selves freely through out the Art Industry.

As the father of a biracial daughter, what was it like growing up, and having to deal with being mixed in the modeling industry? Being mixed in the modeling industry is the hardest obstacle I have encountered. There is a non acceptance with the black community as well as the white. You have to just accept that not all people will like you and move forward. I personally use it as a motivational tool.

How many tattoos do you have? Tattoos  haha the infamous how many do you have question. I stopped counting at thirty. That was a few years ago.

Favorite one? I do not have a personal favorite. My tattoos all have importance and personal meaning. I started a piece for my dad “Semper Fidelis” It is not quite finished yet. He is and will always be the strongest soldier I’ve ever known. I recently got all my grandparents name on me I carry them to every shoot with me. This is who I am , this is who made me.

What type of modeling do you do?(fashion, glamour, art, bikini, lingerie, etc.) Modeling types hahaha what don’t I do. Fashion, Glamour, promotional, editorial, cosplay, lingerie, implied, artistic nudes , Shibari (which I hope to master soon)

Photographer: Michael Dydasco

Any big plans or projects in the works for 2019? I am currently working on becoming trademarked and expanding my brand all of 2019 and beyond. I will be becoming a teacher, mentor, and guiding aspiring models as well. My brand is far beyond just being a model.

Define “Glamour Girl” what does it mean to you? I assume most people hear “Glamour Girl” and think Glitz & Glam. To me it speaks volumes. When I hear Glamour Girl it says Beauty and Power.

Who inspired you to get into modeling? My story is definitely one for the books hahaha. I was actually inspired by a stripper when I was eight years old. My grandfather was having I think his 76th birthday at a nursing home. My grandmother and mother decided to purchase him some extra entertainment. I loved the smile on his face and always remember how ecstatic he was.

Anyhow, I instantly say to my mom “I want to do that when I grow up.” My mom replied go to Playboy before becoming a stripper. My dad and uncle lived together at the time. Lets just say Playboy magazines were very accessible. I was obviously intimidated at such a young age. Overtime, I grew to love nudity and the human body. I started taking a different direction in my life. So I decided I’m not after Playboy after all.  (even though I would be honored)  Maxi Soule is what I am after now.

Thoughts on the rise in popularity of modeling on Instagram? I love that the art world has a major platform on social media sites such as Instagram. It helps us all connect , share, and express our crafts. However, I do not like that anyone can now  appear to be a model without actually putting in the work, or having real natural talent. Somewhere along the way of all this change , society seems to have forgot how to work for what you want. Just my opinion anyway.

Photographer: Lee Jarrett

Thoughts on the current #MeToo movement and how it’s effecting models, modeling and feminism. The “#MeToo movement” I honestly do not know much about this movement. I read on it briefly. I believe things such as assault and harassment are unacceptable across the board. I’m always torn with these topics.  I do not believe that its fair to men especially ones in high standing who get falsely accused either. Just for someone else’s financial gain. In the modeling world I so appreciate the “Me Too” movement”. They have probably helped secure our safety a little more.

Pumpkin spice, Salted Caramel or Peppermint Mocha? If I had to choose it would be salted caramel.

G-string, thong, frenchies or commando, which do you prefer? I prefer commando! Hey I’m a military brat. Don’t judge me haha. But I love anything with sex appeal . Sexy is my favorite

With spring here and summer right around the corner, what advice would you give to men hoping to spice things up in the bedroom? You all probably assume when spring/summer season hits we want you at a perfect physique. ( which we do hahaha) . Mostly we really just want the simple things. Come in the house, give a small kiss to the back of the neck. Maybe take us to some secluded outdoor area keep us warm . Most Importantly grab your woman ,bring her close. Enjoy your lady. If your lady knows you’re there for her mentally, works wonders in the bedroom. And not just in the bedroom just in life. Enjoy me, embrace me, support me, and I”ll give you all of me.

Photographer: Lee Jarrett

Sexiest piece of lingerie you own—or would recommend for a man to get his woman? I love one piece lingerie the most. You know the ones, that show just enough. I promise one piece or two, it won’t be on very long. I prefer nudity!

Are you a beach bikini kind of woman? I am actually not a bikini babe. I hope to change that summer 2019.

Top swimsuit and bikini/swimwear styles to rock on the beach? My favorite swimwear is the monokini. It says sexy but I can still meet your mom. Plus I look really really great in them.

Two-piece, bodysuit, Brazilian bikini, thong, what’s your style? I prefer two piece suits and Brazilian bikini style.

What would you say is your best feature? My best feature to me are my eyes. I somehow attract people , with just a simple look. I often joke that I’m similar to a magnet.

Photographer: Matt Porter

What makes you feel sexy? Pleasing my man is when I feel the sexiest. You ever come home and your lady is modeling her new lingerie. We didn’t try it on at that given time for no reason. Me I try to wait and catch him off guard. For Instance lets say he’s on a stressful phone call, I’ll start “trying” on different things.

A hand slap to the back side and less than a minute later, phone call ended. So I guess being appreciated by the one I choose to lay my head next to would be the sexiest feeling. It’s a natural turn on to know your pleasing someone else.

What exudes sexiness? Attitude hahaha. Don’t come home with a I-worked-all-day-attitude. Put your big boy boxers on, your lady is waiting. The most unattractive thing to me is jealousy. I love to see confidence in my man. (In anyone really)

What attracts you most to a man? I love a man that clean, fresh, and business oriented. A man that puts his home first and knows how to get his hands dirty.

Photographer: Matt Porter

What is THE one hot fashion item that you must have/or get this season? Besides the latest lingerie I just wear what I like. If I see it and I like it I grab it. With that being said, there’s these Nike’s I can not go without. I do love shopping!

Athleisure? Fashion or fitness fad? I would have to say fitness fad. Never know what your going to get with fashion.

What fashion and fitness tips and trends do you have for looking good and staying in shape in 2019? As for fashion wear what you want. Be who you are. Stop following every latest trend. This will make you unique instead of just average. As for my fitness goals, I’m on a build-a-booty mission. Hahaha! (That’s what I call it) I mostly stay as active as possible, and use portion control. I do not believe you have to give up foods you love, just maybe less of them. And never change for anyone but yourself.

Photographer: Lee Jarrett

What is one area that most people overlook—but should—pay attention to more in getting in shape? When getting in shape most people get off track with what they are consuming. What you consume shows in your appearance and internal body. You only get one you, why not make it the best you possible.

Fave music? I mostly listen to R&B and old school everything. But I’m a lover of all music. And enjoy all genres

Sports: Any favorite teams, clubs and players? Favorite teams, I love the New York Yankees. I’m also blessed to be a born and raised Raiderette. I have recently became a Thunder fan as well. My all time favorite players are Charles Barkley, Shaquille O Neal, and Allen Iverson.(I used to have a basketball obsession) More current players would be Lebron James & Kevin Durant.

What advice would you give to women aspiring to get into modeling? The most important advice I would give to an aspiring model is to always be you. Do not change for your family, friends, or fans. Not even for the industry. Stand tall with confidence and own your craft.

Photographer: William Raines

Special thanks to Ms. Maxi Soule for their assistance during this Glamour Girl! Q and A feature Email us at if you feel that you have the look of being our next GG! girl.

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