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While us Americans are in the middle of fall and winter right around the corner, our brothers from The Land Down Under are in the middle of spring and for a hot summer down in Australia.

Home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and women on the planet, Australia might as well call itself the “Model Factory of the World”.  A who’s who of long-legged rugby-loving sexy-accent having babes such as Margot Robbie, Rachael Taylor, Miranda Kerr and Jessica Gomes all come from this former British penal colony.

With a seemingly non-stop plethora of hotties coming from the land of OZ, perhaps 19-year-old Filipino-Australian Instagram bikini and glamour model, Nicole Anne Cruz could be the next hottie from Auz.

Born in Sydney to Pilipino parents, the petite and curvy Cruz jumped into the world of modeling two years ago at the age of 17, the recently-crowned Miss Perth is already turning head in entering various modeling contests down in and around Australia and hopes to bring the Miss Swimsuit USA crown back to Perth.

Blessed with an exotic and diverse look, Nicole could very well become Australia’s next top model export. Below is my Q and A with her as we talk about modeling and her future plans to be a forensic scientist.


Name: Nicole Cruz

Age: 19

Birthplace: Sydney, Australia

Residence: Perth, Australia

Social media: @nicoleannecruz on Instagram, and looking to build a Facebook page when I have the time and content.

Where are you from? Both my parents are Filipino and I was born in Sydney, Aus!

About you: I am currently a university student studying Introduction to Health Sciences! Hoping to become a forensic scientist. In my spare time I focus on my modelling or doing promo jobs. Since starting modeling my confidence has definitely improved significantly!

Tell us about your modelling career: I started modelling when I was 17, I originally started with doing only a few photoshoots. Being a short girl I was under the impression that only tall girls could be models! After realizing my passion for photoshoots I started to continue to do more but still didn’t consider myself a model.

I started to see more and more of a change and thought I need to grow more confidence and continue to do me (my photoshoots). I had seen some modelling competitions and expected it to not be for me thinking it would be all supermodel girls who were tall and stunning. This year, I decided to do more with my modelling and to challenge myself, so I stepped outside of my comfort zone and decided to try one of the competitions and made it through to the Maxim state finals!

That was the start of my obsession for competitions.

Have you featured in any publications: No

Any modelling competitions: Starting this year I’ve been in almost every competition our company CSC holds, I’m still very new to the comp scene (it is definitely addicting the comp bug!) but I’ve made many achievements that have been rare for newbies!

My most significant achievements are that every comp I’ve made it to the state finals, been in two national competitions and my biggest win is a state win(1st place)! End of this month, I am competing in Miss Swimsuit USA to see who will be Miss Perth and see who competes Internationally. I am hoping to take out the win and represent Australia!

Future plans: I plan to finish my university studies and to build on my competition achievements and to start competing internationally.

Special thanks to Nicole Cruz and King Publishing for their time and assistance during the Glamour Girl! Q and A interview. Email us at if you feel that you have the look of being our next GG! girl.

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